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From The Daily Worker for 1926

Red Cartoons

NOTE that in the original book, there were no tables of contents or page numbers. Thanks to Dr. Marty Goodman of the The Riazanov Project

List of cartoons
[A single complete file of all the Red Cartoons for 1926 listed below]

Drawn By:
Fred Ellis
Robert Minor
William Gropper
Art Young
Hugo Gellert
Maurice Becker
Lydia Gibson
A. Jerger
H. J. Glintenkamp
La Grace
M. P. Hay Bales
G. Silzer
K. A. Suvanto
O. R. Zimmerman (O'Zim)
Adolph Dehn
Joseph Vavak
Edited by Walt Carmon & Copyright 1926


01-Front Cover - [title and fist]

02-[Inside Front Cover] Fighter from the Start-Fred Ellis-The Daily Worker-Jan 14, 1924

03-Title and Authors (text of this provided above)

04-The Daily Worker-Fred Ellis-The Daily Worker-Nov 20, 1924

05-Art is a Weapon [pdf]-Michael Gold (Plain text version click here)

06-The Uncovered Wagon-Fred Ellis-Liberator-Oct, 1923

07-The Slave Auction at El Paso-Robert Minor-The Daily Worker-Nov 29, 1924

08-The Dead Hand-Robert Minor-The Workers Monthly-October 1925

09-Gompers at the Gates-Robert Minor-The Daily Worker-Dec 15, 1924

10-"Expulsion? The Hell You Say!"-Fred Ellis-The Daily Worker-Jan 2, 1926

11-The New Foreman-Robert Minor-The Daily Worker-Dec 23,1924

12-[bound man]-Fred Ellis-The Daily Worker-Jan 26,1924

13-The Check Weightman-Fred Ellis-The Daily Worker-Sept-17,1925

14-Buried Alive-Fred Ellis-The Daily Worker-Feb 20, 1925

15-"We'll Fight"-Robert Minor-The Daily Worker-Jan 5, 1925

16-[poison]-Hugo Gellert-The Daily Worker-April 24, 1926

17-In Jail For You! [Sacco and Vanzetti]-By Robert Minor-The Daily Worker-Dec 27, 1924

18-The Vote that Elects Our President-Robert Minor-The Daily Worker-June 7, 1924

19-J. Pierpont Morgan Master-Art Young-The Daily Worker-July 17, 1924

20-The Opening of Congress-Fred Ellis-The Workers Monthly-December, 1925

21-Americanizing Europe-William Gropper-The Daily Worker-Feb 4, 1925

22-The Exodus From Dixi-Robert Minor-The Liberator-June, 1923

23-"I Mean To Get In!"-Fred Ellis-The Daily Worker-Jan 30, 1926

24-The Pilot-K. A. Suvanto-The Daily Worker-Feb 30, 1925

25-Delicious But How About the Workers?-O.R. Zimmerman-The Daily Worker-Aug 21, 1925

26-[The Daily Worker Press]-Fred Ellis-The Daily Worker-Jan 15, 1924

27-[steering toward the hammer and sickle]-Fred Ellis-The Daily Worker-May 1, 1925

28-In the Anthracite-Robert Minor-The Daily Worker-Jan 23, 1926

29-Big Business "Why Bill Johnston, You Are A Genius"-Robert Minor-The Daily Worker-Jan 6, 1925

30-Locarno? Death!-Maurice Becker-The Daily Worker-Jan 9-1925

31-"Drop Him!"-Maurice Becker-The Liberator-October, 1924

32-"On Strike-Tie 'Em Up"-Fred Ellis-The Daily Worker-Sept 23, 1925

33-Bubble, Bubble, Oil and Trouble-Fred Ellis-The Daily Worker-Feb 14, 1924

34-"Number One"-Fred Ellis-The Daily Worker-Feb 20, 1924

35-The Forty Thieves-Fred Ellis-Feb 25, 1925

36-Blazing the Trail-Robert Minor-The Daily Worker

37-"A Perfect Soldier"-Robert Minor [famous image / date and publication not given]

38-Coolie No Longer!-William Gropper-The Daily Worker-Feb 23, 1926

39-Only the Hog is Well Fed-Fred Ellis-The Daily Worker-Jan 6, 1926

40 & 41-[2-page image of people herded into corral]-Robert Minor-The Liberator-[date not given]

42-The Evolution of the American Peasant-Robert Minor-The Liberator-Jan, 1924

43-The Fatal Bite-Fred Ellis-The Daily Worker-July 4, 1925

44-The Chinese Fourth of July-Fred-Ellis-The Daily Worker-July 4, 1925

45-An Unlucky Number for World Imperialism-Fred Ellis-The Daily Worker-July 4, 1925

46-Chid Labor-Robert Minor-The Dadily Worker-Dec 22, 1924

47-Also A Pope Must Live-Robert Minor-Daily Worker-Dec 26, 1924

48-"Sans Pareil" (Without an Equal)-Fred Ellis-The Daily Worker-Jan 16, 1926

49-The Daws Plan-Fred Ellis-The Daily Worker-Jan 9, 1926

50-Frist Prize [KKK]-Fred Ellis-The Daily Worker-Jan 23, 1926

Two cartoons on one page: The Bareface Dancers Lydia Gibson Weekly Worker, September, 1923 & The Father Complex-Adolph Dehn-The Liberator, November, 1923

52-La Follette Cries for His Mamma-Robert Minor-The Daily Worker-June 5, 1924

53-The Spirit of Peace in the Amalgated-William Gropper-The Daily Worker-Feb 9, 1926

54-A Sacrifice to Greed 51 Minors Killed in Explosion-Juanita Preval-The Workers Monthly-April, 1925 [B amp; W]

54-A Sacrifice to Greed 51 Minors Killed in Explosion-Juanita Preval-The Workers Monthly-April, 1925 [Gray scale]

55-The Unemployed-Robert Minor-The Daily Worker-Dec 20, 1924

Two cartoons on one page: 56a-Discouragement-Lydia Gibson-The Daily Worker-Feb 9, 1924 & They Never Come out Alive [Calif Prisons]-Wm. S. Fanning-The Daily Workerp-Feb 13, 1926

57-Symposium in a Cell A Sketch from Life-Maurice Becker-The Workers Monthly-February 1925

58a-The Dentist Will Get His Fingers Bitten-Hay Bales-The Daily Worker-Jan 16, 1926 & The American Rebel-Art Young-The Daily Worker-Jan 13, 192459-"I know what this Bolshevism means, Bill It means us!"-Clive Wee-The Daily Worker-Jan 29, 1926

60-[lampoon of a society woman and artist]-Fred Ellis-The Daily Worker-Feb 13, 1926

Two cartoons on one page: 61a-[wage slave to wife]-A. L. Pollock-The Daily Worker-Dec 26, 1925 & Polishing Up the Iron Heel-K. A. Suvanto-The Daily Worker-Feb 26, 1926

62-Bury Your Head Don't Look-Fred Ellis-The Daily Worker-Feb 13, 1926

63-The Bankers Nightmare-K. A. Suvanto-The Daily Worker-May 21, 1924

64-"One Sixth of the World"-Robert Minor-The Daily Worker-April 26, 1924

Two cartoons on one page: 65a-The Fear of the Masters-F. Kluge-The Daily Worker-[no date given] & Yes, Mussolini Red Guards!-Robert Minor-The Daily Worker-Jan 6, 1925

66-"A World To Gain"-Fred Ellis-The Daily Worker-March 5, 1925

67-[Inside Back Cover] Pillar of Power-Art Young-Daily Worker-March 5, 1924

68-[Back Cover] [two comrades]-G. Piccoli-Workers Monthly-March, 1925

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