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The Case of Sacco and Vanzetti
in Cartoons from the Daily Worker

Thanks to Dr. Marty Goodman of the The Riazanov Project

All 14 cartoons (the 16 pages of the pamphlet also include the front cover, which is graphic text only, and a page of introduction) in this 9 x 12 inch pamphlet / journal were drawn by Fred Ellis in 1927. Mostly in August, around the time of the (legal) murder of Sacco and Vanzetti. One cartoon is from July.

In Jospeh Freeman's introductory text in this pamphlet, it is noted that some of the cartoons appeared not only in the Daily Worker, but also in Labor Defender, Labor Herald, The Liberator, and The New Majority.

All cartoons listed below are from 1927.

The complete pamphlet in one PDF file
[note that there IS NO table of contents in the original pamphlet]

List of cartoons

1. Front cover (graphic text)

2. Is It Freedom, July 20

3. Introduction by Joseph Freeman (PDF document)

4. The Verdict, August 10

5. [Path of dollars to death cell], July 11

6. -Gentlemen of the Committee, this is the Evidence, August 2

7. Text Book of Massachusetts, August 12

8. An Evening Affair, August 9

9. The Law of Bondage, August 19

10. Nearer, Nearer, August 17

11. Open them!, August 18

12. [Skull with liberty crown], August 22

13. Have a Chair!, July 22

14. The Anti Alien Laws, August 20

15. Is This The Emblem?, August 11

16. CARRY ON! [back cover], August 20


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