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Workers Age was a newspaper published in New York City by the Communist Party U.S.A. – Majority Group, lead by long time Communists Jay Lovestone and Ben Gitlow, the latter being the Sectretary of the organization and Lovestone being the editor of Workers Age. Workers Age was the continuation of Revolutionary Age which had a 2 year run after the formation of the Communist Party U.S.A. – Majority Group in the fall of 1929.

Workers Age was digitized by the Riazanov Library Project with help from the Holt Labor Library, part of the Left Opposition Digitization Project

Workers Age for the years:

Workers Age for 1932

Workers Age for 1933

Workers Age for 1934

Workers Age for 1935

Workers Age for 1936

Workers Age for 1937

Workers Age for 1938

Workers Age for 1939

Workers Age for 1940 [Includes final issue from January 1941 ]

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