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Notes for Young Comrade 1925 and 1926:

Issue Numbering:

Following September 1925 Vol 2 No. 9, the numbering of Young Comrade gets very strange:

The next 1925 issue on the microfilm is December 1925. And that bears the designation "Vol 2 No. 3" Or at least appears to say "No. 3". The number is hard to make out.

Then, the first issue in 1926, Jan 1926, bears the number Vol 2 No. 9 (again).

After that, numbering continues normally: February 1926 is v2n10, March 1926 is v2n11, etc. up thru V2n20.

Celebrity Appearance:

In the May-June 1925 issue (v2n7-8) of Young Comrade, on Page 8, we learn that Albert Glotzer translated a Fairytale for Workers Children printed there from the original German. Albert Glotzer later split out Cannon and the other founders of American Trotskyism, then jumped the gun in 1936 when it came to fusing with the Socialist Party, leaving the Workers Party USA for the SP somewhat early, before the WPUSA had officially decided to take the "French Turn" (fusion with the SP). Cannon was pissed off at him for that, but later discovered Glotzer had arranged a periodical organ for the use of the American Trotskyists who fused with the SP: Socialist Appeal the JOURNAL, published out of Chicago. Albert Glotzer also was for a while one of Leon Trotsky's secretaries.


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