Emma Goldman 1920

The Truth About Emma Goldman

Source: The Liberator, December 1920
Transcribed: for marxists.org by Mitch Abidor, 2005.
HTML Markup: David Walters

The following radiogram about Emma Goldman received by the Federated Press, October 27, was offered for publication to every newspaper in new York City. Not one of them printed it.

Moscow (via Christiania and London)—Emma Goldman, who has just returned here from a three months' absence in the Ukraine, has issued a statement denying the remarks attributed to her in an alleged interview last June with a Chicago Tribune correspondent, saying:

“The statements published in American newspapers which have been attributed to me are absolute falsifications full of lying insinuations. I love America of the common people. They are brave spirits fighting for the freedom and well-being of the workers. The America which has betrayed all revolutionary traditions, which has outraged liberty, which has enslaved the people, and which is now seeking to crush Russi—that America I hate with a deadly hatred. With all the fibres of my being I am with the Russian revolution and with the Russian people in its heroic struggle against the imperialism and conspiracy of the Allied pack at the throat of Russia trying desperately to drive and torture the people back to the old regime. I will continue my fight as before to the bitter end.”