1997 Letters

From: Dr Stefan Zabieglik
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997

Your page is wonderful.
I have found a polish name: Andrzej Krauze ("Hegel for beginners"). Has he e-mail? I would like to contact him.

Greetings and Happy New Year from Gdansk, Poland.
Philosophy Department,Technical University of Gdansk
Narutowicza 11/12, 80-952 Gdansk, Poland

From: ristarr
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997

Can someone explain to me the quadruplicity concept instead of the triplicity in the dialectics? Or point me in a direction that has a written answer.

From: Andy Nellen

Very excellent site. I've had an interest in Revolutionary thought/Lenin/Marx/Communism etc... I always wanted to extend back to Hegel but never got to my book... This site will definately help me get off my ass.

From: Martin Ryder
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997
I recently stumbled into your "txt" directory and found some marvelous texts on a myriad of topics of interest to me. I maintain a website that is heavy on theory and philosophy. I have multiple pages which could provide logical links to various texts within your resource.
My top-level index is www.cudenver.edu/~mryder/itcon.html.

In this postmodern age of hypertext, there are undoubtedly many web "authors" and "publishers" like myself who would like to reference some of the texts in your directory. But alas, it is difficult when the authorship is not obvious within the context. Are you the marvelous mind behind these texts? If not, do you have a top-level index that appropriately identifies the authorship? I'm specifically interrested in "system1.htm", "system2.htm", and the Vygotsky links.
I know I will find others as I browse your spaces further. Any guidance pertaining to authorship would be appreciated.

Martin Ryder

From: Jose M. Auger

I am having some trouble trying to read the text due to the teal background you are using. I suggest "going back to basics" and use white background. Your pages are extremely good and they really do not need the color.
Congratulations on an excellent job.
By the way, since I am planning on building a web site on economics, philosophy and planning, I shall appreciate info regarding how much disk space should I ask my ISp for. What has been your experience?


Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997
From: S.Carter

Help! I am a 44 year old special ed teacher who has just started reading a bit here and there about philosophy..a subject that until now I was NOT interested in at all..... Please help a beginner, if you can; I am interested in Hegel not because he is complex, but because seems to respond to history. I am interested in the differences he saw in the history of social animals who are not rational, and the history of human beings. Can you help me? Suzan carter -at- the above address, or xxcarter-at-aol.com Thank you!

Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997
From: Aspasia Dandoura

I would like to have some information about the meaning that Hegel gave for the work. He described this subject by comparing the freedom and the slave. He wrote for the slavors and the "boss" of the work by comparing their relationship. The main meaning is that the worker works for the "employer" and his/her work is to offer his/her skills in order to satisfy "employer's" desires. I don't know if you know anything about it but I am sure that this subject exists. Even if you are not able to find information about this, thank you for your response.

Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997
From: David Westbrook

I am interested in joining this discussion, which I read about on your web page. Thanks,
David Westbrook

David Westbrook, M.A., Social & Political Thought, York University

"What sort of philosophy one chooses depends, therefore, on what sort of man one is; for a philosophical system is not a dead piece of furniture that we can reject or accept as we wish; it is rather a thing animated by the soul of the person who holds it."
- J.G. Fichte. "First Introduction to the Science of Knowledge." (tr. Heath and Lachs.) Gesamtausgabe I, 434.

From: adandour-at-iris.nyit.edu
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997
Congratulations for your job! I am impressed. I would like to have more information about the meaning of slavor that Hegels gave because I am interested in this subject Thank you in advance.

From: Tony Naturale
Subject: Fascinating Hypertextual site

I visited your site through one of the Hegel web links and thoroughly enjoyed your hypertextually organized works on philosophy. Have you created this for your class? Thanks for sharing the works.

Tony Naturale

From: Katie Louise Phillips
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997

Can anyone out there help me?
I am desperately looking for Hegels thoughts on dance, art and fine arts. I know there are some in Aesthetices: Lectures on fine arts, but some that are on-line would be fantastic! And the sooner the better!
Any other suggestions also helpful...
Thanks heaps...

From: Karandachev Yuri Prof. Dr.
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 97
This year I published the second book of my "Developmental Psychology". The first one was "Introduction". The second is "General Systems Theory" (I plan to publish ca. 30 volumes).
The third (half written) is called "The Dynamics of System" and the fourth one is planned as "The Evolution of System". Both books are in Russian. I am interested in this field because my own developmental theory is based on this general systems theory.
In 1972 I have found the structures in graph theory (they are not described there today, also) that, firstly, show the inner structure of interaction and, secondly, correspond to structures used in Hegel's "Science of Logic". In my opinion, the person who try to reevaluate Hegel's Science of Logic (I mean you) may have interest to show my "General Systems Theory" through Internet. In any case, I thank you for the work you did. Only thank your efforts I have found Hegel in English (it's difficult in Germany, where I am from 15.10 to 15.12, and quite impossible in Belarus, where I am from).

Once more, thank you very much!
Sincerely yours
Yuri N. Karandashev, Prof.Dr.
Head of Department for Developmental and Educational Psychology
Belarusian State Pedagogical University M.Tank
e-mail(home): kara-at-issbd.belpak.minsk.by (Minsk, Belarus)
e-mail(office): karandac-at-mailer.uni-marburg.de

Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997
From: Kenneth Ferris

Subject: Hegel project
Please send me more information about this.

Please use this address, instead of my return address:
Thanks! Kenneth Ferris

From: Rajashree Rao

please add me to the group.

From: Julio

Dear Andy,
I was gratefully surprised by your posting of Hegel's Logic on the web.
Thanks so much!

I work as a consultant -- do econometric stuff. I'm from Mexico. My formation is that of an economist but I have no connection with any academic institution. I have freelance scientific concerns, even if my brain- (and ass-) power are not always up to the task. My daydream is to complete a comprehensive critique of (1) the modern dynamic general equilibrium models put forth by the "new classical economics" school (Lucas, Sargent, et alia), and (2) the "complexity" evolutionary models developed by the people in the Santa Fe Institute (Brian Arthur, etc.), which implies a critique of their underlying theories (and methods). The problem is that, as you know, a critique has a negative side and a positive one. The former is easier, the latter is hell! I thought I could only benefit from reading Hegel's Logic.
Now, I think your glossary is NOT amateurish at all, Andy. I'm a bit confused about the category of "Ground." Does it correspond to Marx's "Fundamentals" as in "Grundrisse"? Do you have the Vygotsky manual on line?
Do you read German? So many questions ...
Again, thanks for the great job!

Date: Tue, 06 Feb 1996
From: Charles A. Ponte
Subject: Hegel's Aesthetics

I wonder if you had Hegel's Aesthetics and you could send me by e-mail or tell me if there is an address wher I could get it.

Thank you already,
Charles Ponte

From: Peter Farleigh
Subject: Visit of 'dialectical biologist', Richard Lewontin

I am involved with organising a visit to Sydney of the Harvard biologist, Richard Lewontin. I noticed on your web site that you have an article by Michael Brand called "Dialectics, Complexity and Crisis" which refers to Lewontins's work.
I'm not sure if you are in Sydney or not, but I thought I would pass the following information on to you, as you would be most welcome to attend the lecture and workshop. Could you please pass this onto Michael Brand and any others who you would think it of interest. Thanks.
Peter Farleigh

Date: Sat, 25 Oct 1997
From: David Utz

Found a much needed quote thanks to you. Thank you tahnk you thank you.
A fab. resource.

Jonathan Eburne
Program in Comparative Literature and Theory
University of Pennsylvania

Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997
From: Thomas Pruefling

Marx did not understand Feuerbach at all ! Each part of the classical Feuerbach thesis gives examples of missunderstanding...

Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997
From: banners-at-esoterism.com
Subject: ESOTERICISM Banner Exchange

Lookin around, I reach your website and I think you could be interested by the Banner Exchange I'm seting up that is aimed at targeting people really interested in ESOTERIC matters and bring them to your site.

Come and look at http://esoterism.com/banners/banners.html

Date: Mon, 6 Oct 1997
From: LOFGRIF-at-aol.com

Subject: Marx
I was wondering if you had information on Marx's theory of alienation. I need to find out about it and didn't really know where to look. Thanks.

Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997
From: Aaron Holland
Subject: great page!

I loved your page. Can you recommend any good commentaries about Hegel and Marx? I have a graduate seminar next semester and I wanted to obtain a few quality secondhand sources to supplement my reading of the original texts.


Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 From: Luiz F.C. Novaes
Organization: LFNovaes Consultores Associados Ltda.
Subject: My hat off

Dear Andy,
I have been reading your page some months ago. Now, I saw your even greater contribution to the philosophy.
Thank you for enlightening me.

Luiz F.C. Novaes
Sao Paulo, Brazil

PS. A friend of mine asked me a question about the relationship between the ideal and the nature, on Hegel's works. What do you reccomend me to read as to give her a satisfactory answer?

Luiz Fernando

From: Joshua Berlow
Organization: Talamasca
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 1997
excellent site. Amazing. I'm going to link my Hegel page to yours;
see http://www.radix.net/~joshua/hegel.htm

From: Iskender Savasir
Subject: aesthetics
Thank you for the wonderful site.
Looking for Hegel's Aesthetics; any hints?


Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997
From: Nectarios Limnatis Subject: On Soviet Marxism

Dear Andy,
Thanks for your wonderful site. I am sending a comment on a 'hidden agenda' of marxist thought.
Ilyenkov is a proof that in the former USSR there were indeed serious philosop hical investigations. But Ilyenkov is not only the only one of this kind. I would like to point to Viktor Alexeyevich VAZYULIN, an influencial professor of Moscow State University.
In his "Logic of Marx's 'Capital' " (1968) Vazyulin, on the basis of a detailed and rigorous comparison between Hegel's 'Logic' and Marx's 'Capital', constructed a thourough system of epistemological categories of Materialist Dialectical Logic. That achievement, in my opinion, can be compared only with Hegel's revolution in human thought for it carried out (or it is at least a serious contribution toward) the giganitc effort of 'demystification' of hegelian categories.
Twenty years later, in 1988, Vazyulin published his "Logic of History. Questions of Theory and Methodology." In that work Vazioulin reconstructs the logical process of development of human history, based on the method of 'Organic Whole' which was earlier revealed in his 'Logic of Marx's 'Capital'. Prof. Vazyulin called that work (which was ready by 1978 but not published due to the well known reasons) an effort to overcome marxism in marxist terms, through an approach which aims to surpass (aufheben) the materialist understanding of history.
There is a lot that one could say about these questions, but this is not the place. I would like just to draw your attention to them (as far as here in the US -- and generally in the West -- it is believed that Soviet Philosophy has almost nothing serious to deal with) and call you, if you have the possibility, to investigate this matter.
If you need any further information or assistance I will be glad to provide it. You could e-mail me at LimnaN01-at-newschool.edu or Tsiambas-at-aol.com.
I hold a Ph.D. (1996) in philosophy from Lomonosov Moscow State University, and I am currently a doctoral student at the New School for Social Research in New York. I am intending to write a dissertation dedicated to a detailed comparison of Western and Eastern "Hegelian Marxism".

Nectarios Limnatis
New York

From: James Dye
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 97

I am in the process of preparing a web page for the seminar in Hegel's Phenomenology I shall be teaching next semester and will be including a link to your very impressive site. In the accomanying blurb I should like to mention your glossary and comments but am unsure of how I should refer to you. Are you "Professor Blunden," "Andy Blunden," or what attribution would you prefer?

James Dye, Department of Philosophy, Northern Illinois University

Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997
From: Andy
Subject: Hey, I just wanted to let you know something!!!!

Hi my name is Andy, too. I'm actually the great-great-great grandson of Hegel!!!! Want to talk more mail me back at ReBeL77437!!!!!

Date: Fri, 5 Sep 1997
From: Craig Alan A
I want first to compliment you on your work. The Hegel page has helped me immensely. I am a retired manufacturing engineer who went back to school and got a degree in sociology. I am now in a master's program for sociology and my area of interest is Marxism, in particular the interpretation of his Capital as following a Hegelian dialectical development. Hence my interest in your page.
My reason for writing to you today however is a little different. I have been involved through the net with an economist, Robert Theobald, who has been working for social justice for many years. He is not a Marxist but the direction of his ideas is not incompatible. He was to give an important series of lectures on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), the Massey Lectures, but it was cancelled - I believe because his ideas are too radical. I am forwarding a recent communication from him which is more or less self-explanatory. Don't hesitate to contact me or him if you want additional information.
I am a little tardy in writing to you about this because I was in England for a short visit and did not have access to the internet over there.
Keep up the good work.

Alan Craig,
Brockville, Ontario, Canada

Forwarded message
From: rtheobald
There has been a further development in the Massey saga. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation are airing 5 fifty minute radio tapes on five successive Sundays starting on August 31. The information I have on the time-slot is from 5.10pm to 6.00pm. (I am going to Australia for much of September and October and still have some flex in my schedule: if anybody is interested they can contact me directly.)
POSSIBLE ACTION STEP. Inform contacts in Australia about these programs and my trip.
The plan for quality of life/fundamental change/transformational activities in the last two weeks of January continues to develop. It now looks probable that we shall have activities on at least three continents. The deadline for our first publicity release is September 8. We would like to involve as many communities as possible: the minimal requirement is one event but patterns can get as complex as you wish of course. (There is a small possibility that we may be able to create a sattelite feed during this time.)
POSSIBLE ACTION STEP. Let me know as soon as possible if you want to be involved. If you do not remember seeing the basic information sent at the beginning of August, ask to receive it again.
There has been some forward movement in our plans to create regional meetings on transformational change, decison-making, education and work/income. These will take place in 1998/99.
POSSIBLE ACTION STEP. If you might want to be involved -- these efforts are meant to be money-makers - contact me.
Over the last month, I have become more convinced than ever that the patterns of the culture are changing. People are more willing to consider collaboration. There are also signs that money is actually emerging for transformational change work.
I'll cite two wonderful learnings from my trip. First, I heard about a major effort in a specific area of London in the thirties which showed the capacity of people to develop "healthy communities" if they were given the space to do so. (For information contact David Lloyd yu07-at-dial.pipex.com) We intend to work together.
Second, I heard about an extraordinarily successful effort to change the whole teaching effort of the Scottish Bar, including the introduction of mediation.
One possible spin-off from my trip. If Scotland does vote yes to devolution in mid-September, it provides an opportunity for radically new thinking. A new party might emerge.
OFFER. I have a draft outline of the book I intend to write for my 70th birthday: June 11, 1999. If anybody would like to see it, let me know.
I don't know how the rest of you are feeling but the summer seems to have vanished rapidly. I hope that the fall/autumn will bring what supports all of us in our journey.
Blessings and Peace
email: rtheobald-at-igc.apc.org
QLN Network: http://www.transform.org/transform/qln/index.html
Theobald site: http://www.transform.org/transform/tlc/rtpage.html
Are we ready to work with the positive dynamics which are available? If so, let's just do it!!!

From: Amiri K. Barksdale" Date: Sun, 31 Aug 1997
I was wondering who did the translations of Hegel's Shorter Logic and Science of Logic.

Amiri K. Barksdale
Dartmouth College

From: Anand Teltumbde

Subject: Down load of documents
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 1997
Dear Comrade,
I wanted to download the documents from dialectis library but could not succeed. I shall be grateful if you advice me the reason and the method to get over the same.


From: Mike Marchetti
Subject: Study of Hegel's Phenomenology

Perhaps you would like to visit or add a link to the interactive study of Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit located at: http://www.concentric.net/~Microme
Mike Marchetti, Ph.D.

Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997
From: Amy Preece

This is an incredible page. It is very comprehensive. I am involved with an e-zine that might interest you. It's called "EON: A refutation of time and space". More specifically you might be interested in some Feuerbach writings located at http://sac.uky.edu/~jafish0/ludwig.htm. EON's home is located at http://sac.uky.edu/~jafish0/.
We will soon have a spin off e-zine focused on Marxism and the modern political economy. If you would like to get involved with any of these projects (EON or the Marxism zine), let me know. Do you have any interest in trading links?

Amy Preece

From: Luiz F.C. Novaes
Dear Andy,

I am a student of basic philosophy ans as yourself, I am an engineer.
Please receive my applause for your brilliant page !
I have a problem to solve and I humbly ask you if you can give me a hint on it:

"The mission of Dialectics is to tear apart the ropes of Classical Logic, using its own tools".
Does it make sense? Which bibliography should I peruse to find an answer?
Please take a moment on it.
Yours very truly,

Luiz F.C. Novaes
Sao Paulo, Brazil

From: S M Hafidh
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997
Dear Andy
Really really good work, when I am lost (like the world of the Left) I come and visit you. The material on Hegel is enjoyable (though one of the most difficult to understand).



I have learned about your invitation to join the Hegel Discussion List. I am a Ph. D student at Lancaster University. I am currently working on a huge project that aims at tracking down the pervasive influence of Hegelian dialectics in the so-called "post-structuralist" and "post-modern" or again "post-Marxist" theories. My thesis title is: After Kojeve, Subjectivity and Post-Hegelian Dialectics.
I am interested in your project and I look forward to getting in touch with people who are interested in Hegel or Hegelianism. If you think that I could contribute anything to your project, through my general interests or through my currently undertaken research, please reply to my message via this e-mail address, or write to: Hager Weslaty.
Department of English
Bowland College. Lancaster University
Lancaster LA1 4YW, England

From: Janiak

Subject: hegelian superman
I am reading crime and punishment by dostoevsky and it is a very hard book to read so I got the cliffs notes in the back it mentions the hegelian superman saying that "the hegelian superman is one that stands above the ordinary man, but he works for the benefit of all mankind"if you have any other information or know of a place i can find some please respond.

Katie Janiak
senior concord high school

From: St. Andrew's Academy Saltcoats

I found this very helpful
cheers maties

St. Andrew's Academy Saltcoats (Scotland)

From: Ozgur Narin
I also would like to join the discussion list. (But mostly as a reader I think)

Ozgur Narin
Istanbul Turkey

From: Mac
Subject: Downloading

I have to say that this is an excellent site and has really aided my education in dialectics which is really still only beginning although I have being continuing to battly with them for a few years now. So I thank you for that. One problem I do have is downloading your documents. It maybe on my end. I have tried both MSN and AOL and both have problems. Any ideas how I can resolve this?? IF not, is there any chance you could e-mail all of Hegel's texts to me. I would really appreciate it if you could.
Thanks again.
Also I came accross some more Dialectics on "In Defence Of Marxism page" in case you don't know about it and if you do, any reason why this would not be added to yours--just curious.

From: Bob Symes
Subject: HomePage!!
Its an encyclopedia of Marxism
The proper use for the web!

I'll pass it on

From:Dr P.A.J. de Groot
Organization: University of Southampton
Subject: me on lenin

As a reader of Hegel for over 20 years, I would advise you to totally dismiss Lenins emphasis and annotations. Anybody who can (& does!) talk of the dialectic as a "method" to be "applied" to practically anything is not worth any attention.

Ana Maria Lopez

From:Stephen Taylor

Hi Andy

Somehow I managed to use a wrong e-mail address on my previous communication with the result that all returns were going to an unknown box on my server's machine. Fixed now, but also note, my new address is steve-at-kiwi.gen.nz not Stephen-at- ...
I'm still studying Hegel's Phenomenology, my source being the Baillie translation. It has been by intention for the past 20 years (a), to understand it, and (b), to help make it accessible to others like myself not being philosophy graduates or scholars in that area. (I'm a retired medical practitioner, otherwise devoted to math and physics). I am now ready to start on (b), and would like to compare the 'Phen', as I call it, to a non-Baillie translation. I wonder how much I really understand it, and how much is just knowing it off by heart.
Which copy would you recommend? Is it possible to access Hegel titles in electronic form for quick editing and annotation?

Steve Taylor

From: Haoyu Meng
Subject: discussion group

Greetings Andy,

Your Hegel and Marx web site was a true wonder. I will try to type up one of Hegel's work and send it to you sometime this summer. I would also like to join the discussion group for Hegellian philosophy. Would you sign me up?

Thanks and best regards,
Haoyu Meng
Valparaiso University & Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

From:Boris Ermakov

Date: Sun, 4 May 1997
Hallo Andy! My name is Boris. I'm a paediatric oncologist from Russia, Moscow. I'm very intrested in studying dialectics and materialism. I have read the whole of E.V. ILYENKOV. He is my guide in dialectics. Now I have got the access to the Internet and I wonder if there are any sources for about Ilyenkov there. If someone makes citations from him on your page you might know that. Would you please E-mail me?
I also want to say that you are doing a wonderful thing creating this page. I love it. I wish there will be the same in Russian. If some day I will be wealthy I would sponsor the creation of Ilyenkov homepage (full texts of his books on the Internet - free) and link it to your page.

Best regards Boris

From: Carline Lutynski
Subject: Hegel Sketch
Great Hegel on the Home Page. Where did you get him? 'Would like to use it for a lecture freebie. Regards,
C Lutynski

From: Michele
Dear Andy:

I am sooo thankful for your Hegel site. But I am overwhelmed! The subject I am primarily interested in researching further is the Hegelian Dialectic of Political Conflict Resolution. Could you please direct me to the section that would be most helpful to me in this attempt? In the meantime, I'll start reading the articles. Maybe I'll run across it.

Many thanks!

From: T. Yamauchi

I saw your page. I think that it is wonderful.
I am a laborer working at the small hospital.
I am learning the philosophy of Hegel and Marx enthusiastically. I have interest about Moses Hess and Weitling in addition to Hegel, Marx. As for their communist thought, it accomplishes the pioneering of the thought of Marx and I think that their thought resembles the thought of Marx. For example, as for the idea about the relation between the alienation theory and the communism, Hess's and Marx's thought seem akin well. However, knowledge of Hess and Weitling isn't too much introduced in Japan.
Wishing to teach me Hess or Weitling if you know their thoughts.
Understanding the difference of Hess and Weitling and Marx is very important for understanding Marx right, I think. Don't you think so?
I expect that your page is increasingly enriched.

from Tosiroh Yamauchi

From: Alan Freeman

I found your site by searching on Marx, value and price. I was very glad I took a look as it looks like a very useful resource.
We have a loose association we called the International Working Group on Value Theory which holds conferences and distributes papers related to value theory. Do you mind if I place a reference to your site on our home pages and publicise it on our lists?
If you want to take a look at what we do I maintain two sites, neither as impressive as your own (I'm working on it...) http://www.greenwich.ac.uk/~fa03 and http://www.mailbase.ac.uk/lists/econ-value/files/.

Best wishes

From: Baioni
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 1997

Thank you for providing us with such well done work in philosophy!!!!
My brother in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is studying Hegel for a decade now and he asked me if I can help him find and buying a copy of Hegel's Philosophy of Nature with Translations and comments by M.J. Petry published by MacMillan, London, in 1970. I just contact MacMillan through the WEB and this book is no longer printed therefore I need to find a good used bookstore. As you can, through my English, I am a foreigner here in USA and I have no ideia how to start searching for this particular publication. I do appreciate it very much if you can give any tip regarding this book.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Paulo Baioni 1011 Arlington Blvd. # 717
Arlington, VA 22209
(703) 528-5722

From: Peter
Subject: color schemes

Thank you for your enormous contribution!
I do wish to humbly point out that this particular page (green with pink text) is extremely difficult to read. The yellow pages are fine. Thankyou.

From: Joseph User
Dear Andy,

I'm new at this.. so I'm not sure if this email will be sent properly, but I am interested in finding info about the schism between Right Hegelians and the Left Hegelians. I'm reading Popper, but it's bogging me down.
Can you help? Thanks, from a novice.

From: Thomas Ryan Stone

Announcing "Episteme Links"

If you received this email, that means you maintain one of the very best philosophy websites around! Congratulations! :) (I apologize if you have already rec'd this message, perhaps you also maintain one of the best department sites or discussion lists as well!)
Although on only a little over a month old, Episteme Links is already the premiere site for links to philosophy related material on the internet. It has thousands of links to:

All links are sorted, for easy and efficient use.
-a separate section for "sites that shine", a best of section
...THIS is where your site comes in! Your site is listed both in the topically appropriate place(s), as well as on a special "Sites that Shine" section, which links to only the very best sites.
All areas of Episteme Links are still under construction, and things are still be added rapidly. I am offering a FREE email newsletter, to anyone who wants to be included. This will offer you updates on additions to the site, and will be sent every two or three weeks. If you would like to be included, please email me with your email address.
Please check out my site, and let me know of any comments/suggestions you have: http://www.arrowweb.com/philo


From: Yale Wishnick

Organization: California Teachers Association
I am responsible for developing dialogue groups. Clearly, the work of Hegel is an essential underpinning. I would be delighted to participate in a discussion group.

From: James A. Bartridge

Thanks for the leads... Do you have any thought on State Theory and the development of the Administrative State? I've been sifting through the "Philosophy of Right" all morning trying to make sense of his class of administrators that rule as unbiased...


From: Annette Schlemm
Hello Andy,

A friend had emailed to me the URLs of Sites on Hegel. Many of them only listed the biography of Hegel. Your Site was the only Super-Site on Hegel !! I like it, how you collected texts about Hegel. The hypertext-principles are well realised. I've written my own hypertexts in the Web. I think, we think now not only 1,2,3,... "linear-logical", but better associative-dialectical.
I live in Jena, where Hegel lived also (and Marx took his doctors degree - the small monument of Marx was removed after 1990). I've studied physics, but in my free time I am a philosopher. I've written my first book and I've a great project in the Web (http://www.thur.de/philo/): german hypertexts on philosophy, politics and so on... (to science fiction...). About Hegel I've written in the book, in the Web are more texts about Schelling.
I am dealing with the problem of self-organisation in nature and society. This is modern dialectic. In future I will translate some hypertexts in english...(Thirst: http://www.thur.de/philo/en112.htm - I can't read and write english well, but I will use your texts to learn it better. )

Greetings from Jena
Annette Schlemm

From:Mustafa Cemal
Subject: Hegel's Logic and Marx's Capital

I want to participate to your celebrated efforts.
But I am just new for e-mail communication.
Please help me for starting.
I'm very very happy for finding you and your such a wonderful work in the internet. I want to discuss Hegel's concept of system.

Mustafa Cemal. e-mail adress: Cemal-at-mag.net.tr.

From: Melody Lindblom
Organization: National Film Board

Hey, I'm from Halifax, NS & doing a paper on "A Postmodern Reflection on Activist Art". What would Hegel and his dialectics have to say about this from his perspective?

From: JJ

Just a matter of editing -
In the bio of Heidegger it says that he accepted Nazism in 1993; of course, it should say 1933 (after all, he died in '76).
The bios are very useful for a quick fix.

From: Brian Jackson

Thanks for making this resource available.

Brian Jackson

From: Ruth Solie

I've just discovered your page and am looking forward to using it with enjoyment. Perhaps, though, you want to correct the spelling of "foreword"--as in Engels's foreword to Feuerbach?


From: peter

Please check out the glas web which holds a number of incisive hegel readings from jacques derrida's glas: www.lake.de/home/lake/hydra/glas.html

best, peter

From: anonymous

I'm very interested in your website. I'd like to read FULL TEXTS, not excerpts.
We don't need COLOURFUL website. Yellow or blue letter are not good for reading and printing. Only white and black are enough - except for the contents page.

Tokyo, Japan

Reactionary epochs like ours not only disintegrate and weaken the working class and isolate its vanguard but also lower the general ideological level of the movement and throw political thinking back to stages long since passed through. In those conditions the task of the vanguard is, above all, not to let itself be carried along by the backward flow: it must swim against the current. If an unfavorable relation of forces prevents it from holding political positions it has won, it must be at least retain its ideological positions, because in them is expressed the dearly paid experience of the past. Fools will consider this policy 'sectarian'. Actually it is the only means of preparing for a new tremendous surge forward with the coming historical tide. (Leon Trotsky, "Stalinism and Bolshevism", 1937)

From: Screamer

Your Mistake:
George Novack's "Logic of Marxism"
"Lecture VIII The Categories of Dialectical Logic" correct
"Lecture VII" incorrect

From: WebCrawler Select Editorial Team

This letter is to let you know that your site, Hegel by HyperText, has been deemed an outstanding Web site by the WebCrawler Select Editorial Team. A review of your site will be appearing in the coming week's edition of our catalog, out this coming Tuesday.
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From: Microme

You asked for the title of the page that was giving me blue text on dark green background. The title is Hegel by HyperText on http://home.mira.net/~andy/index.htm as well as http://home.mira.net/~andy/
Are you familiar with the work of H.P Kainz, GWF Hegel (1996)?I have heard that it is a better explanation of Hegel's thought development than even Ilyenkov's.

From: Microme

Thanks for the great pages but the blue text on dark green background is very hard to read on your home page. Best, Mike

From: lau kam to

Thank you for having done such a great service to the study of Hegel.
I would suggest to include Feuerbach's commentary on Hegel such as his Outline for a Philosophical Reform (1842) and Principles for Future Philosophy (1843), although I guess his works are difficult to find today.

From: Pierre Lemay

Great site

good job!
Do you know if there is any french site on G.W.F. Hegel?

Please email us at Pierre.Lemay-at-uqat.uquebec.ca

From: Scott McLemee

I will try to get some material together for you over the next month. In the meantime, if you have access to a good library, look for either THE C.L.R. JAMES READER or J's collection SPHERES OF EXISTENCE, in particular the essay "Dialectical Materialism and the Fate of Humanity" (1947). If you are as keen on SCIENCE OF LOGIC as it looks, you definitely want to track down James's book on it, NOTES ON DIALECTICS, drafter in 1948 and circulated in typescript within his faction of the American Trtotskyist movement. In it, James uses Hegel to argue that Leninism must sublate itself -- and break with the vanguard-party concept!

There are two volumes by Raya Dunayevskaya (the "Forest" of Johnson-Forest) that might be worth your while: MARXISM AND FREEDOM (1958) and PHILOSOPHY AND REVOLUTION (1972 I think). She did the first English translation of Lenin's Hegel notes starting in 1949.

I am writing a paper to introduce some of the history and ideas of the Tendency. It is probably not focused enough on Hegel in particular to merit going up on your page. But I will forward it to you anyway, for your information/interest.


From: Anvas

hey what about some of the hindu and chinese philosophers and the medieval scholastics and Arab Aristotelians....
Plus would like more on the modern Trotskyists...
All in all great Job..!!!!

From: mclemee
Dear Andy,

What a splendid collection of material! I can't wait to download as much of it as possible. Only one thing troubles me: you have nothing (that I have seen yet, anyway) on the Johnson-Forest Tendency, an American Marxist grouping from the 1940s that made the first English translation of Marx's 1844 mss. and of Lenin's notebooks on SCIENCE OF LOGIC. "Johnson" was C. L. R. James and "Forest" was Raya Dunayevskaya. If you are at all interested, I would be glad to give more info. I've edited a couple of volumes of James's writings, and have done some work on the the Tendency's studies in Hegel, Marx, and Lenin.
Again, I was very excited and pleased to find your home-page. Just because this is a thing someone *ought* to do, is no guarantee that someone *will* -- so thank you for your labor.
Scott McLemee


Hello Andy,

Could you please tell me the reference, where Hegel says something like:
"Wenn die Tatsachen nicht mit der Theorie uebereinstimmen, umso schlimmer fuer die Tatsachen". Or "If the facts do not fit to the theory, the worse for the facts".
Thank you very much!


From: Stephen Taylor

I've just discovered your web pages on Hegel; so it's early for comment except to say I'm delighted with what I've found and look forward to some enjoyable study.
Congratulations on such a quality presentation.

Steve Taylor

From: Mike Ballard
Like your page a lot. Have it linked to mine via my Hegel quote.
One quibble though--I tried to read the letters section of your page and found it next to impossible because of the color contrasts. Please consider changing the purple with black print to something which can be read more easily.

Mike Ballard

From: Larry Meadows
I did not read it all, but great historical summary of Hegel and his influence.
I was wondering, how much influence did Hegel have on Hitler and the Third Reich? At first glance there seems to be some of Hegel's philosophy there, esp. in the historical analysis and justification Hitler puts forth concerning the Third Reich; but I have not done any serious studying into this connection. I thought maybe you have.

Larry Meadows

From: Rafael Francisco Guerrero Zaizar
Dear Andy:

It is great that you answered my Mail. Doing so I find that you could, apart from just being in touch with me, be in touch with other members of the philosophical community at my University. We also have a magazine 100% about philosophy and through this means, you are kindly invited to participate with an article and have it published (I would of course send you a copy). I have talked to the school of philosophy director about your page on the Internet and offered to show it to him on Saturday.
We thought that it would be a fantastic idea to form (or be part of)a community of people to talk about subjects in philosophy. Well we say this because here in Colima Mexico we are just beginning to have access to this technology.
Our school of philosophy is drawn upon upper most passionate ideals. That is, the teachers here are people with great knowledge. It may sound dull but to some extent we consider them "wise men". Really, they are people that love this subject-area, which I am sure you will find them interesting.
Here I send you or University's www site, hope you like what you see:


Hope to hear from you soon. I will let you know what goes on at our school. Also , it would be great to know where you are writing from, place of work, etc.. I could probably send you some postcards.

Take Care

Rafael F Guerrero Zaizar
University of Colima

From: Mike McKenna
Subject: Hegel and the 'thesis-antithesis-synthesis myth'.
Hi Andy
excellent work, congratulations. Perhaps one day it will be understood that Hegel is a 'World historic philosopher'. A great thinker of the utmost significance for intellectual work of any kind, not just philosophy.
In response to Che who is attempting to use the 'thesis antithesis synthesis' formula in the manner of Hegel. Unfortunately this was never the approach of Hegel who was one of the first to criticise this Fichtean triad. He considered it too mechanical and lacking in 'negativity'. In place of 'synthesis' Hegel preferred the 'negation of the negation'.
This was clarified in an article by Gustav E Mueller, "The Hegel Legend of 'Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis, " The Journal of the History of Ideas, Vol 10 (June 1958), pp, 412-414.

Keep up the good work

Mike McKenna

From: Rafael Francisco Guerrero Zaizar
Dear Andy:

It is great to find a whole page on Hegel. I'm a student of philosophy at the University of Colima. I'm also a teacher at the Faculty of Accounting and Business Administration at the University of Colima, located in the Pacific coast of Mexico.
I hope you could write back to me and my school, as to share ideas. For example my school's trends and your opinions.


Rafael Guerrero Zaizar

From Che Poudrier

Dear Andy

I find your site an excellent resource, and thought you may be interested in our campaign.
The Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS) is being used to end the free transmission of material on the internet. Originators of web material are being encouraged to rate their sites and pages so that they may be screened out by users and service providers who consider them offensive.
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It demands that the whole of the internet has to be oriented around the protection of children.
Most importantly it assumes that ordinary people are too stupid or too weak to assess for themselves what is presented to them.
Trust yourself and keep your site PICS-Free.
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Please email: censorship-at-www.junius.co.uk to be included on our list of PICS free sites.

The Campaign for Internet Freedom
web: http://www.junius.co.uk/censorship/index.html
email: censorship-at-www.junius.co.uk

From: Mattias Nilsson

This is one of the best Internet-sites I have ever seen.
Mattias Nilsson, student of sociology in Göteborg, Sweden


From: Che Poudrier
Dear Andy,
My name is Che Poudrier, and I'm a university student at the University of Winnipeg, in Manitoba Canada. I'm doing a double honours in philosophy and sociology, with a special interest in 19th century thought. I'm in need of some advice, and I was hoping you could help.
I'm currently working on a paper for Hegel class. It's supposed to out line and examine Hegel's master and slave dialectic. I've decided to write it as a short story where a thesis, antithesis, and synthesis are articulated as metaphors. Only problem is I'm having thinking of some that are subtle and poetic.
The best I've come up with is the Thesis as the spirit of a women killed by her lover. The antithesis as the spirit of the lover who initially killed the woman because he thought that she had (lied, cheated, connived ???). He later killed himself because he had found out that she really hadn't (lied, cheated, connived ???). Both of these spirits reside on a mountain. The woman in a lake where she was drowned, and the man in a cave where he hung himself. The synthesis will occur when a wondering minstrel (on sabbatical?) wanders through the mountain and encounters them. It is through the minstrel that the two spirits reunite and ????
The problem is that I don't really know how to represent the synthesis. As well, I'm not sure if my metaphors are acceptable representations of Hegel's dialectic. Maybe you could give me some hints or advice. I'd sure appreciate anything you can give me.


Che Poudrier


Thanks for your note. In reply to you query, I'm afraid I lack the resources to do anything that might be of any benefit to you; I'm computer illiterate ("scan" an article? "max. 64K"?) though I'd be delighted to type up a Lukacs commentary.

But ...

To more important matters: the question of an appropriate Lukacs text. Although Lukacs has written directly on Hegel (e.g. "Hegel's ontology"), he (like Adorno, e.g. in "Hegel: three studies"), reserves his more "Hegelian" thoughts to a consideration of Marx's discussion of the commodity form in "Capital I" (Part 1, ch. 1, section 4).

With this background in mind, the appropriate Lukacs text(s) will be from "History and class consciousness" (HCC) and "Theory of the novel" (TN). The latter is more manageable, although there are chapters in HCC which stand on their on. Anyway, the point I am failing to make is that the best of "Hegel-Lukacs" is to be found mediated via Marx, which raises a more interesting relation I think.

Anyway, that's the view from my "Critical theory" background; I'm not too sure how it fits into your reading of Hegel, or your plans for the project. In any case all this is largely redundant since I do not have any of my texts with me as I am in the middle of - shall we say - an "academic transition"; moreover, S'pore is not overflowing with good bookshops/libraries. The situation will improve over the next term (Jan. or April 1997). Oh, as regards to links, I'll keep my eyes peeled.

All the best,

From: Gary Zabel
Subject: Webpage

This is an exciting and profoundly useful scholarly tool. Thanks for all the hard work.

From: Tom
Subject: Preliminary remarks toward .... andy's site

Thanks for the site; philosophical labour indeed! Question: what is your own assessment of comrade Lenin's reading of Hegel? And compared with G. Lukacs's?

All the best

From: Ben Sovacool
Subject: Re: Send me all you got!

Hello. I am Ben Sovacool (bsovacoo-at-smail.stark.kent.edu). I am a policy debater for GlenOak High School (Canton, OH), and am currently researching capitalism and materialism DA's.

All the Marxist stuff we have here is a badly translated version of Das Kapital and a few excerpts from the Communist Manifesto. I will be sure to use the information you gave me to the best of my debating ability. Thanks again and don't be afraid to ask on me for any articles you might need concerning such enlightening concepts as communitarianism, capitalism, egalitarianism, utilitarianism, and all that other great philosophical stuff that sounds oh so great in a high school policy debate round.


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