Hegel 1808-1811

The Philosophical Propadeutic

Written: by Hegel as notes for his lectures, 1808-1811;
Translated: partially by W. T. Harris in 1860 and published in the Journal of Speculative Philosophy, revised by A.V. Miller, edited by Michael George and Andrew Vincent and published by Basil Blackwell in 1986;
CopyLeft: Reproduced in part with permission of the copyright holder, under “Fair Use” provisions; all rights remain with the editors;
Transcribed: for marxists.org by J.L.W.;
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Hegel was editor of the Bamberger Zeitung from March 1807 to 1808, during which time “The Phenomenology of Spirit” was published. From November 1808 until 1815, Hegel was Rector of the Gymnasium in Nuremberg. In 1812, the first volume of the “Science of Logic” was published.

Table of Contents

First Course. Lower Class.
The Science of Laws, Morals and Religion
Elucidation of the Introduction. Outlines of the Science of Laws, Morals and Religion

First Part. Science of Law

Chapter 1. Law
Chapter 2. Political Society

Second Part. Science of Duties or Morals

Duties to Himself
Duties to the Family
Duties to the State
Duties toward Others

Third Part. The Science of Religion

Second Course. Middle Class. Phenomenology of Spirit and Logic

Introduction. Phenomenology.

First Part. Phenomenology of Spirit

First Stage. Consciousness in General

The Understanding

Second Stage. Self-Consciousness

The Relation of Master and Slave
Universality of Self-Consciousness

Third Stage. Reason

Second Part Logic.

First Section. Being
Second Section. Essence
Remark on the Antimonies
Third Section. The Notion.

Third Course. Upper Class. The Doctrine of the Notion and the Philosophical Encyclopaedia

First Part. Doctrine of the Notion (See Shorter Logic for this)

First Section. The Notion
Second Section. The Realisation of the Notion
Third Section. The Idea.

Second Part. Philosophical Encyclopaedia

First Section. Logic. (See Shorter Logic for this)
Second Section. Science of Nature. (See Philosophy of Nature for this)
Third Section. Science of Spirit. (See Philosophy of Spirit for this)


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