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Evald Ilyenkov - handsome young Russian, with flop of straight black hair and a glint of humour in the eyes


Evald Ilyenkov Archive

1924 - 1979


“We understand thought (thinking) as the ideal component of the real activity of social people transforming both external nature and themselves by their labour”. Introduction to Dialectical Logic

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Theses on the Question of the Interconnection of Philosophy and Knowledge of Nature and Society in the Process of their Historical Development, 1954
Dialectics of Abstract & Concrete, 1960
A Contribution to the Discussion on School Education, 1964
Hegel and the Problem of the Subject Matter of Logic, 1973
Dialectical Logic, 1974
Activity and Knowledge, 1974
From the Marxist-Leninist Point of View, 1974
The Universal, 1974
A Contribution to a Conversation About Esthetic Education, 1974
A Contribution to a Conversation About Meshcheriakov, 1975
Concept of the Ideal, 1977
Leninist Dialectics & Metaphysics of Positivism, 1979
Knowledge and Thinking, 1979
Excerpt on dialectical contradiction, 1979
Humanism and Science
Our Schools Must Teach How to Think!
On the Nature of Ability
The Biological and the Social in Man
A Contribution on the Question of the Concept of ‘Activity’ and Its Significance for Pedagogy


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