Evald Ilyenkov

Dialectical Logic

Written: 1974;
Source: Dialectical Logic, Essays on its History and Theory;
Publisher: Progress Publishers, 1977;
Translated: English translation 1977 by H. Campbell Creighton;
Transcribed: Andy Blunden;
Proofed: and corrected by Andy Blunden, January 2009.

From the History of Dialectics

1: Subject Matter and Sources of Logic [Descartes and Leibnitz]
2: Thought as Attribute of Substance [Spinoza]
3: Logic and Dialectics [Kant]
4a: Dualism or Monism [Fichte]
4b: Dualism or Monism [Schelling]
5: Dialectics as Logic [Hegel]
6: Idealism or Materialism? [Feuerbach]

Problems of Marxist Dialectics

7: Materialist Critique of Objective Idealism
8: Materialist conception of thought as Subject matter of Logic
9: Coincidence of Logic with Dialectics & Theory of Knowledge of Materialism
10: Contradiction as a Category of Dialectical Logic
11: Problem of the General in Dialectics

Dialectical Logic, (whole book) 880k PDF

Glossary References:

Logic, Objective Idealism, Practice & Theory

Further reading:

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