The Collected Works of William Morris,

with Introductions by his daughter May Morris

The Collected Works of William Morris were assembled by his daughter May, and published as a set of 24 volumes, each edited and with an introduction by May. They were published by Longman, Green and Co. between 1910 and 1915, and so are now in the public domain.

The Collected Works concentrates on Morris's literary output, with only Volumes 22 and 23 containing political writings. May Morris later edited an additional volume, William Morris: Artist, Writer, Socialist which contained more of the political talks and lectures. This was published in 1936.

The first ten volumes were kindly made available by the Russian State Library («Российская государственная библиотека (РГБ)») through the National Electronic Library.

Copies of the full sets of the Collected Works held by the Universities of Virginia and California were scanned by Google in 2006. A few volumes were uploaded to the Internet Archive; the remaining scans are held by Hathitrust, who plan to make them available to the world public in 2039.

Copies of other editions of William Morris's political works can be found elsewhere in this archive; the reference site for his literary works is the (other) William Morris Archive.

The Collected Works listed below are available in PDF format only.