Drive to Aid C.N.T. Is Endorsed
by L. Trotsky

(October 1937)

Written: 6 October 1937.
Published: Socialist Appeal, Vol. 1 No. 11, 23 October 1937, p. 6.
Transcription/Mark-up: Einde O’Callaghan.
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New York City, N.Y.

Esteemed Comrade Tresca,

With warm sympathy I respond to your call for action to help the Spanish revolutionary victims of Stalin-Negrin. The militants of the C.N.T. incontestably occupy first place among these victims.

As a Marxist I am an adversary of Anarchism. Even more irreconcilably am I an adversary of the present opportunism of the leaders of the C.N.T. But this cannot hinder me from seeing and recognizing that in the ranks of this organization are concentrated the elite of the Spanish proletariat. Profound revolutionary solidarity binds me to the anarchist workers; whereas in the pseudo-Marxist cliques, of Stalin-Negrin I see only masked class foes.

Against the attitude of the Nation and the New Republic, I totally share your indignation. The executioner is hideous, but more hideous is the priest in the service of the executioner. As the agent of imperialism, Stalin’s G.P.U. invokes hatred. Completely nauseating are the long-haired democratic preachers who pander to the Stalinist executioners.

The struggle for the liberation of humanity is impossible without the simultaneous mobilization of contempt for such courtesans, sycophants, lackeys, bigots as the Nation and the New Republic.

I wish you the best success in your campaign and I shake your hand with revolutionary greetings.

October 6, 1937

Leon Trotsky

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