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Vol. I No. 1, 14 August 1937
Socialist Appeal
Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing Branches

Socialist Party Is Split in New York Expulsions

GPU Lynches Andres Nin

Who is Financing the Right Wing Split Drive?

A Manifesto to the Members of the Socialist Party

  1. The Background of the Crisis
  2. The Political Basis of the Crisis
  3. Stalinism and the Party Crisis
  4. Altman-Wisconsin-Lewis
  5. The Role of Norman Thomas
  6. The Clarity Group
  7. Perspective of the Left Wing

Where is Kupinsky?

Vol. I No. 2, 21 August 1937
Socialist Appeal
Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing Branches

Tory Press Declares for LaGuardia as Mayor Enters G.O.P. Primaries

The Capitalist Press for LaGuardia

Stalinists Applaud Ousting of Left Wing from S.P.

NEC Suspends California Charter, by Glen Trimble

Violent Crisis Drives Japanese Imperialist to Invade China by James Wills

Clarity in California and Clarity in Wisconsin

What is the N.E.C. Doing About California?

The Questions of Wendelin Thomas, by Leon Trotsky

Once More: The Altman-Thomas Finances

Clarity Heads Oppose Independent S.P. Slate

The Situation in Spain Today, by X.

Truth About Barcelona’s May Days
A Sensational Document on the Stalinist-Separatist Plot to Crush Labor, by the National Committee of the CNT

Dwyer Slated for Expulsion in Massachusetts

Socialist Call Comes Out For Sanctions

A Reply to A Stalinist Calumniator, by James Casey

Roll of Honor

Erber Hits Plan to Steal YPSL Convention, by Ernest Erber

An Appeal to Revolutionary Socialists by Glen Trimble

Harry Milton Freed in Spain; Returning Here

Washington Protests Mass Expulsions

Vol. I No. 3 Saturday August 28, 1937
Socialist Appeal
Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing Branches

YPSL Split in NY

Spain’s Unions Join Pact Against Stalinist Repression, by Felix Morrow

Removed Satir As Labor Secy. in Cook County, by Albert Gates

Arm Chinese Mass, Only War Hope by Lo Sen

Notice to Yipsel Delegates

New York Emergency Conference Called

The Appeal is Your Paper – Support It!

What Was Done In Scottsboro?

Who Is Back of F.H. LaGuardia? By James Burnham

Ask Aid of Yipsels in New York Fight, signed by Donald Bergner, Hal Draper & 6 others

The Trial of the Dantzig Trotskyists, by Leon Trotsky

Nankin Bans Truth of Moscow Trials at Bid of Stalin Ambassador

The Politics of Gus Tyler – A Genuine Case of Rotten Liberalism in the Party, by Max Shachtman

Party Branches Protest Mass Expulsions

A Black Book of the YPSL Leaders

The End of Henry Yagoda, by Victor Serge

Yipsels Remain True to Revolutionary Traditions, by Hal Draper

What Norman Thomas Saw in Barcelona

A New Wave of Terror Against German Trotskyists

Half-Rate on Trial Book

Left Wing Will Not Allow Itself To Be Gagged By the Party Bureaucracy! by Albert Goldman

‘Clarity’ Splits New York Yipsels

Ohio Youth Vote Solidly With Left Wing, by Robert Stiler

California ... New York

Vol. I No. 4, 4 September 1937
Socialist Appeal
Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing Branches

Popular Front Surrenders Santander, by Felix Morrow

China Defense Sags, Fear Masses, by Li Fu-jen

Erber Greets Youth Convention, by Ernest Erber

N.Y. Mass Meeting Lays Basis for Activity

News Flash!

A.F.L Endorses LaGuardia

GPU In Spain Bungles Plot in Framing Socialist

Notice to Party Branches

Appeal for Spanish Political Prisoners, from Committee of Bolshevik-Leninists of Spain (4th International)

CIO Gets Setback In Steal; Government Aids Bosses

Party Locals Rally to the Left Wing

Scottsboro Defense in Phony Deal

French People’s Front

McGrady Lands Job as Radio Company Boss

Expulsion Drive is Under Way in Mass.

T.U. “Discipline”

Admiral’s Vote

California Party Displays Record Growth, by Glen Trimble

Farmer-Labor Leaders Plan the Dissolution of Their Party

Appeal Greetings

Feuchtwanger Defends Stalin Against Attack of Andre Gide, by Blake Lear

Sacco-Vanzetti Rally Disrupted by Chicago Clarity Leaders, by Melos Most

Letters From Barcelona Picture Bourgeois-Stalinist Repressions, by Z.

California YPSL Summer School

Maine Shoe Strike and CIO Leadership, by Russell Scott

Chicago Backs Appeal

Vol. I No. 5, 11 September 1937
Socialist Appeal
Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing Branches

National Executive Committee Sells Out Socialist Party to LaGuardia

Left Wing Carries YPSL Convention, by Hal Draper

Ernest Erber Surveys YPSL Progress in Five Years of Development, by Ernest Erber

Leaders Elected in Y.P.S.L. – Young in Years, Old in Work

“Supporting LaGuardia Betrays Socialism”, by Max Shachtman

LaGuardia Record: A Lackey of Capitalism by James Casey

Notice to Party Branches

Harry Lundeberg Is Defended by N.M.U. Sailors Against Slander, by Joe Lookout

More Party Bodies Fight Right Wing

Spanish Anti-Fascist Movement Slandered by Church Hierarchy, by Felix Morrow

Progressive Leaders Build N.W. Labor Movement

LaGuardia Attacks Militant Unionism

Colorado Party Leader Charges Tyler Faction, by Paul S. McCormick

How G.P.U. Hounds Revolutionists

Clarity Calls the Cops

Teachers Convention Adopts CIO Referendum, Organization

Vol. I No. 6, 18 September 1937
Socialist Appeal
Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing Branches

Nyon Meet Aids British War Plans, by James Burnham

Japan Admits Long Fight Ahead to Conquer China, by Li Fu-jen

CIO Tested In Akron’s Gum Mines, by Jack Wilson

Chautemps’ Rule Shaky, Prices Rise, by Frank L. Demby

Convention Call Initiated by Ohio State and Chicago

News Flash!

Lewis Found Guilty by Own Partisans for Buying Votes, by John F. Dwyer

Akron and St, Louis Branches Rally to Support of Left Wing

Austrian Trotskyists Jailed, Sentenced By Fascist Courts

Martin Attacks Communists

N.W. Union Progressives Condemn Union Splitting Moves of Stalinists, by Carlos Hudson

Reading Old Guard Joins in Fight Against “Trotskyism”

Notice to Party Branches

Crushing Left Wing Majority at YPSL Convention Make Impossible Alibi Attempt of Socialist Call

How G.P.U. Hounds Revolutionists

Spanish Government Outlaws Criticism; Chains Press

Harry Milton, Wounded – Saved From GPU Jail

London Buro Aids Stalin Frame-Ups by Refusal to Join Probe Commission, by Leon Trotsky

Tyler-Altman Bloc Built on Hostility to Leninism

Forgotten Zam-Tyler Words Indict Their Own Practices in Party

Appeal Friends Send in Subs

Riding the Rods (cartoon), by Carlo

Vol. I No. 7, 25 September 1937
Socialist Appeal
Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing Branches

La Guardia Endorses George U. Harvey

Erwin Wolf in Spanish Prison ” Trotsky Secretary Held by G.P.U. In Barcelona

Forward to the Convention

When Will Then New World War Begin? by James Burnham

Victor Harris Ousted as Conn. Secretary

To Speak Friday (photo)

Build the Appeal

Erber and Gould on Tours

Who Does the Constitution Belong To?

Stalinism and Bolshevism, by Leon Trotsky

The Wave of Trials in the USSR, by Jack Weber

The Case of Leon Trotsky – A Review of the Dewey Sub-Commission’s Hearing in Mexico City

Dullea to Run in Spite of Clarityites

Save U.S Businesses in China, Is C.P. Appeal, by Li Fu-jen

Yes, Yes, But What About His Friends? (Reprint of the cover of the New Masses from August 24, 1937

Register for the School

Vol. I No. 8, 2 October 1937
Socialist Appeal
Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing Branches

Left Wing Issues Convention Call

Thomas Quits Mayoralty Campaign

GPU Murders Rebelling Agent – Reiss Broke With Stalin, Thugs Take Him for Ride

Painters’ Strike Settlement Arouses Dissatisfaction with Stalinist Leadership

W. Green Splits Up Akron Labor, by Blake Lear

Wall Streeters Behind LaGuardia – Mayor Is “Liberal” Front for Prominent Reactionary Backers, by James Casey

Call Has Alibi on LaGuardia

CP Pushes LaGuardia-FDR in East Coast Marine Union

Stalinism and Bolshevism, by Leon Trotsky

Spain and the Coming World War – Civil War May Be Completely Transformed Into Imperialist Conflict, by James Burnham

Auto Convention Shows Growth – Victory of Bureaucracy Shows Left Wind Needed, by a Delegate

Browder and LaGuardia, by Fore and Aft

Calif. Aviation Strike Firm

The United Front from Below (cartoon), by Carlo

Times Change in the S.P! by John Hall

Compare the Appeal


Vol. I No. 9, 9 October 1937
Socialist Appeal
Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing Branches

Nominate James P. Cannon for Mayor in New York Municipal Campaign – Open Write-in Drive for Only Labor Candidate

Trotsky Sees Jap Blow-up – Answers to Questions of J.P. McKnight of AP, by Leon Trotsky

New Crisis Hits People’s Front Gov’t in France, by Frank L. Demby

Harry Milton On Tour

Rodgers Expelled

Clashes in Far East and Mediterranean Make New World War Danger Imminent, by Herman Stern

Akron AF of L Charter Lifted, by Blake Lear

Dullea gets 1511 Votes for Mayor

Trotskyists Hounded and Imprisoned By Fascist Terror in Austria, Germany

Stalinist Union Wrecking Is Discrediting CIO Movement Among Minnesota Unionists, by Carlos Hudson

Who is Girolamo Valenti? – The Financial Wizard of the Socialist Right Wing

Our Duty in Spain Is to Aid Fourth Internationalists

LaGuardia Favored by Wall Street to Preserve Its Financial Interests, by James Casey

Fear For Life of Widow of Reiss, Murdered by GPU

400 Yipsels Demonstrate Against NY Nazis

Here We Are!

New International On Way

Rubber Workers Convene in Akron, by Jack Wilson

Notes From Spain

School Offers Five Courses

Milton Tour Dates

Opposition Fights Fur Union Bureaucracy

Browder: “One of my best friends ...” (cartoon), by Carlo

New Headquarters in Chicago

Vol. I No. 10, 16 October 1937
Socialist Appeal
Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing Branches

Roosevelt Heading Toward New War

Anglo-French Aid to Spanish Loyalists Is a Fraud and Deception, by Felix Morrow

Ratification Meet Starts NY Mayoralty Drive of Left Socialists for Cannon

The Beginning of the End, by Leon Trotsky

Aragon Front Veteran Tells of Sabotage of Anti-Fascist Fight by People’s Front Government, by Harry Milton

Pacifism and China – Answers to Journalist Devlin, by Leon Trotsky


New Stalinist Frame-up Hits China ‘Trotskyists’, by Li Fu-jen

Lasser Helps CP Drive to Undermine Militancy of Unemployed Alliance

Reveals U.S. Interests In China High Stakes in East, by Lucifer

New Headquarters

Roosevelt Prepares for New Imperialist War in Far-East Against Japan

Widick Runs for Mayor in Akron, by Ed Thorn

Hall Ryan

Stalin’s Terror Continues with Envoy’s Recall, by Victor Serge

The Crooner (cartoon), by Carlo

Anti-War Press

Vol. I No. 11, 23 October 1937
Socialist Appeal
Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing Branches

Union Unity Move – AFL-CIO to Confer in Washington Next Week

More SP Locals Endorse Chicago Left Wing Meet

Veterans of Future Wars (cartoon), by Carlo

Browder’s Complete Turn About-Face On LaGuardia Election, by James Casey

What’s going on in NY Election Campaign

Pacific Sailors Fight to Preserve Militancy Against CP Assaults, by Glen Trimble

Cleveland Socialists Launched New Activity After Ohio Conference of Left Wingers

New Headquarters

US Imperialism Attempting to Railroad 11 Puerto Rican Nationalist Leaders to Prison, by Bernard Ross

Generals Are Made By Headlines


The Liquidation of the Comintern – Browder Proclaims CP to Be Staunch Bulwark of American Capitalism, by Liston M. Oak

Stalinist Hoodlum Beats Up Socialist at New York Election Meeting

Spain in Grip of Stalinist GPU – Socialist Kidnapped and Smuggled off to Russia

Subscribe, Give

Dr. Fiorello H. Jekyll and Mr. Fiorello H. Hyde on New York’s Columbus Day

Man Bites Dog

Widow Reveals How G.P.U Slew Ignace Reiss in Swiss Village – Stalin Aimed to Silence Former Soviet Agent, by E.

Bill’s Column – Trial of a Renegade, [by Bill Sherman]

Marxist School a Success As First Sessions Begin

YCL Leaders Split New Jersey AYC

Clarity Goes Underground

A Timely Book – Trotsky Exposes the Lie Machine, by Hal Draper

An Open Letter to Alfred Baker Lewis on the Mass Expulsion of the Left Wing, by John Hall

Vol. I No. 12, 30 October 1937
Socialist Appeal
Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing Branches

High Court Rejects Scottsboro Appeal

Secret Paris Meeting Decides For Early Liquidation of Comintern – Trotskyists to be Annihilated Is Main Slogan, by Liston M. Oak

“Collective Security” (cartoon), by Carlo

Convention Postponed for Wider Discussion

Swiss Police Arrest Assassins of Murdered G.P.U. Man, Reiss, by Leon Trotsky

Group Denounce the Kidnapping of Wolf, Rein

An Emergency

Words of the Past Which the Stalinists Want To Forget

Roy Burt ‘Lifts’ Minnesota’s Charters; Left Has Membership, by Arthur Hopkins

Roosevelt Regime Is Main Prop of Brazil Oligarchy by Bernard Ross


20th Anniversary

Challenge Out

N.Y. Members!

Stalin on His Own Frame-Ups, by Leon Trotsky

West Coast Seamen to Continue Struggle for Militancy, Autonomy, by Glen Trimble

Bill’s Column, [by Bill Sherman]

NY Election Drive Notes

‘France For the French!’ Is Now Stalinist Call, by Charles Orr

International Notes

Bucks County Local With Left Wing After Hearing Cannon Debate Felix Sandwick, by John F. Dwyer

Arrest of 3 Loyalist Generals Shows Treason in People’s Front Regimes, by Felix Morrow

Bureaucracy Adopts Barbaric Penal Code to Punish Smallest Offenses in Russia, by Victor Serge

Vol. I No. 13, 6 November 1937
Socialist Appeal
Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing Branches

USSR Faces Crisis on Twentieth Anniversary of October Revolution – World Revolution Alone Can Save the Workers State

Revolt Flared In Morocco; Arrest Heads

Most Gained by Bosses in ALP Deal

A Tragic Lesson, by Leon Trotsky

A Reply to A. McDowell, by Paul S. McCormick

Get Subs!

Auto Unionists Face Vital Battle Against Big Motor Companies, by Auto Worker

Stalinists Betray China Struggle by ‘New Line’, by Lucifer


International Notes

Left Wing Socialist Calls for Militancy at Ohio WAA Confab

Bill’s Column

Fur Militants Unite Against C.P. Leaders

“Anti-Fascist” Capitalists Gave Whole Northern Front to Franco, by Felix Morrow

Stalin on his Own Frame-Ups, by Leon Trotsky

Vol. I No. 14, 13 November 1937
Socialist Appeal
Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing Branches.

Anti-Moscow Pact Shows War Peril

Armistice Day Pause, 1937 (cartoon), by Carlo

Labor’s Great Political Power Must Be Used for Independent Action, Election Vote Shows, by B.J. Widick

Internal Bulletin No. 2 Rerady

Appeals Court ‘Exonerates’ Sacramento Defendants

Sam Baron Arrested in Spain

CIO-AFL Meet Shows Prospects of Unity in Labor Movement

Pleading with Fur Bosses Is Fatal to Labor

Push the Appeal


Roosevelt Makes a Little Gift to New York, by Sam Marcy

A Study in Contrasts; How the Chinese “Soviets” Were Liquidated

Committee Urges All Branches to Help in Sales Campaign of Case of Leon Trotsky

How Shall We Support China, by by V.R

Britain Takes Steps to ‘Solve’ Spanish Crisis by Recognizing Franco, by Felix Morrow

New Struggles on Horizon As French Standards Fall, by Herman Stern

International Notes, by J.G.W.

Are You Ready For War?

New Int’l to Appear in 2 Weeks

Bill’s Column, [by Bill Sherman]

As the War Approaches! by Harry Roskolenko

Genesis of ALP

Vol. I No. 15, 20 November 1937
Socialist Appeal
Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing Branches

Plan Relief Cuts, by B.J. Widick

N.Y. Police Ban Mass Pickets, Guard Scabs, Arrest Strikers

FDR’s “Planned” Economy

Newark Students Fight For School

Protest Grows Against Spanish GPU

British Labor Party Prepares for War

Shachtman Gives Marxist War Line at CCNY Despite CP Disruption Move, by Donald R. Bergner

More Subs!

Chiang Kai-shek Will Not Release Peasant Masses for War Against Japan, by Li Fu-jen

India’s Striking Masses Are Colliding with “Own Bosses”

Milton and Beatty Speak At Successful Meets in Chicago

A Non-Sectarian Zamite

The Stalinist International in Action! (cartoon), by Carlo

Vargas Coup Entrenches Hold of U.S. Imperialism, by Bernard Ross


It Is High Time to Launch a World Offensive Against Stalinism – An Open Letter to All Workers’ Organizations, by Leon Trotsky

International Notes, by J.G.W.

West Coast Labor Notes

Worker Wants Relief; Sent to Lunatic Asylum, by Neil Harrison

Paula Aragon, Young Socialist Leader And Labor Organizer, Sentenced To Jail

Are You Ready For War?

Glimpses at Latin America, by Bernard Ross

Bill’s Column

Chicago Celebrates November 7th

Vol. I No. 16, 27 November 1937
Socialist Appeal
Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing Branches

Labor Leader Slain in Minneapolis

Coming Trials To Reveal Secret Plans of GPU, by Leon Trotsky

Industrial Lay-Offs a Challenge to Labor

Goodyear Accord Imperils Union, by B.J. Widick

Something to Be Thankful For (cartoon), by Carlo

General Motors Throws Down Gauntlet; Workers Answer With Sit-Downs, by “Conveyor”

Koci, West Coast Militant, Menaced by Deportation

Lessons of the Goodyear Sit-Down, by Blake Lear


Sam Baron Released

Three Cheers for Red (White & Blue)

Shanghai’s Fall Shows Urgent Need of Mass Action to Stop Japan, by Li Fu-jen

Letters from Our Readers

LaRoque Calls for Ban on National Congress of 4th International, by Terence Phelan

International Notes, by J.G. Wright

Stalinist Uses Sleight-of-Hand Trick to Prove That Lenin Opposed Soviets, by James Casey

Party Activities

Are You Ready for War?

Left Jabs, by Bill

Vol. I No. 17, 4 December 1937
Socialist Appeal
Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing Branches

Labor Aroused By Midwest Murder

Economic Crisis Grows With More Lay-Offs And Rising Cost of Living – Offs and Rising Cost of Living, by James Casey

Union Militants Meet to Map Campaign for Investigation

Pontiac Workers Forced to Quit by Martin Machine, by Clark

Akron General Strike Planned Against National Guard Tactics, by B.J. Widick

CP Faking of Signatures Hit by Mpls. Unionists

Meeting of Business Agents Denounces Daily Worker Lies

The Soviet Elections (cartoon strip), by Carlo

Bertram Wolfe on the Moscow Trials, by Leon Trotsky

International Notes, by John G. Wright

Partisan Review: A Revolt Against Stalinism Among The Intellectuals

With The Party

New Challenge Out

Are You Ready For War?

Progressive Win in Akron CIO Council

Left Jabs

Frisco WPA Workers Face Mass Dismissals

Growing Pains

Vol. I No. 18, 11 December 1937
Socialist Appeal
Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing Branches

2 Soviet Diplomats Expose Frame-Ups

Corcoran Slain by Labor’s Foes – Says Cannon

But Minneapolis Is Not Moscow! (cartoon), by Carlo

Developments of the Week in the Corcoran Case

Meeting to Hear Verdict of Dewey Commission; Chairman in Broadcast

Bureaus Restrict Rights Of Jobless Locals; WAA ‘Purged’, by Neil Harrison

Moscow-Amsterdam “Unity”, by Leon Trotsky

Militant Executive of Hosiery Union Slugged in Minneapolis

Pittsburgh Congress for “Peace And Democracy” Prepares War

Nanking’s Fall Ends First Phase of War, by Li Fu-jen


New York Dance to Aid Convention

New International

Raids on ‘Hooded Ones’ Stir France; POI Calls For Workers Militias, by Terence Phelan

Letters from Our Readers

A Letter to the Editor of the Modern Monthly, from Leon Trotsky


Lovestoneites Change “Line” Under Impact of Recent Events in USSR, by Joseph Carter

International Notes, by John G. Wright

Bankers Order Congress to Place Crisis Burden on Workers and Farmers, by James Casey

Futile Debates in Capitol Reveal Coming Party Rifts, by James Burnham

Are You Ready for War?

Filling Station Workers Win Frisco Strike

Left Jabs

Good Meeting for H. Milton in St. Louis

Try To Bolster Midwest Frame-Ups With “Confession” In Frisco; Plot Fizzles

Homer Martin’s Wisdom

Vol. I No. 19, 18 December 1937
Socialist Appeal
Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing Branches

Full Abstract of Commission Report – Page 5

“Trotsky Innocent, Trials Frame-Ups”

An Editorial

Dewey Broadcasts on Trials; Hits Minneapolis Frame-Up

Trotsky’s Telegram to the Commission


Report Cabinet Absolves Jailed POUM Leaders

Convention Date Near; Locals Elect Delegates

New Jersey CIO Meets Challenge of Boss Hague, by Jack Wilson

Steel Workers Meet; Progressives Ready to Fight for Democracy and Autonomy

Browder Announces CP Purge Coming in US

Packinghouse Workers Repudiate Fake CIO


Last Minneapolis Minute News

Abstract of the Final Report of the Commission of Inquiry into Charges Made Against Leon Trotsky in the Moscow Trials

  1. Summary of Findings
  2. History and Procedure of the Commission
  3. The Two Moscow Trials
    1. General Nature of the Charges
    2. Procedure of the Soviet Court
    3. The Capitulators
    4. The Zinoviev-Kamenev Trial; The “Trotskyite-Zinovievite Terrorist Center”
    6. The Definitive Charges Against Leon Trotsky and Leon Sedov
    a) Holtzman
    b) Olberg
    c) Other Defendants
    7. The Pyatakov-Radek Trial: The “Parallel” or “Reserve Center”
        Definitive Charges Against Leon Trotsky and Leon Sedov
    a) Romm
    b) Pyatakov
  4. Conclusions from Old and New Evidence on:
    1. The Charge of Terrorism
    2. The Charge of Sabotage
    3. The Charge of Agreements with Foreign Powers
    4. The Historical Connection
  5. Final Conclusions
    Summary of Findings
    Conduct of Trials
    The Charges

C.P. Acquits Capitalism; “Bad Monopolists” Held Responsible for Crisis, by James Casey

GPU Plot Against Grylewicz Collapses; Old Militant Freed

Rivera Bares Mexican Plot Against Trotsky

International Notes, by John G. Wright

“Just An Assumption”

The Massachusetts “Red” Investigation: A Further Stage in CP Degeneration, by Hal Draper

CP Disrupts Alliance; Drives To Expel Harrison

LaGuardia and the Gravediggers

Relief Sit-Down Ends on Settlement

Truth Is on the March! (cartoon), by Carlo

Left Jabs

Revived New International Rich in Content

Union Vigilance Necessary Against Employers’ Offensive, by Manny Mills

Vol. I No. 20, 25 December 1937
Socialist Appeal
Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing Branches

On to Convention! – Chicago Mass Meeting to Welcome Delegates

New GPU Frame-Ups Exposed; Purge Continues, by Max Shachtman

Panay Incident Unmasks Aims of Imperialism, by Li Fu-jen

Steel Workers Meet Votes SWOC Full Power to Negotiate Contracts

Midwest Conference Prepares T.U. Work of Party Convention, by Blake Lear

Expulsion of W.A.A Militants Meets With Strong Opposition

With The Party

Layoffs and Wage Cuts Hit Living Standards; Unions Must Act Now, by James Casey

Stalin Purge Strikes New Soviet Deputies


On One Condition: That History Be Falsified


Horror at Nanking

CP Pickets Tsar to Lenin in Philadelphia


Answers to Questions of Journalists On Verdict of Dewey Commission, by Leon Trotsky

Stalin’s Cultural Inquisition, by John Glenner

Grocery Drivers Win Strike in Minneapolis

International Notes, by John G. Wright

Cannon Exposes Attempt to Use the “Robinson” Case Against U.S. Trotskyists

Firemen Take the Lead as Progressives Win Support in West Coast Maritime Unions, by Jack Cope

Bridges Pulls a Boner; “Plot” Fails to Thicken, by Jack Cope

SUP Votes Funds to Sue Slanderers of Lundeberg

Left Jabs

Aircraft Strikers Convicted of “Conspiracy to Felony”


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