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John G. Wright (Joseph Vanzler)

John G. Wright
(Joseph Vanzler)


Biography/Bibliography [from Trotskyana.net from their Bio-bibliographical sketches of selected Trotskyists page]


July 1933: A Correction

September 1933: Discussion on the German Defeat (series)

October 1933: On the Slogan of Nationalization

October 1933: Problems of the Cuban Revolution

October 1933: Book Review – The Marxian Theory of the State

March 1934: The Right Wing and Labor Party

July 1934: A New Technics (book review)

November 1934: Shifts in the Negro Question

January 1935: Oxford Manner (book review)

January 1935: Thorstein Veblen, Sociologist

March 1935: Stalin the Theoretician

March 1935: To Make a Revolution (book review)

May 1935: Gangway fo’ de Lawd

July 1935: History à la Carte (book review)

July 1935: A Party and Its Book (book review)

August 1935: Humanism in One Country

August 1935: A Reply to Olgin (with Joseph Carter)

December 1935: War by Norman Thomas (book review)

February 1936: History Books for Sale!

February 1936: The Poor Rich!

February 1936: Prize Novel (book review)

March 1936: World of Labor (column)

June 1936: A Page of American Imperialism

13 November 1937: International Notes (column)

27 November 1937: International Notes (column)

4 December 1937: International Notes (column)

11 December 1937: International Notes (column)

18 December 1937: International Notes (column)

25 December 1937: International Notes (column)

1 January 1938: International Notes (column)

15 January 1938: International Notes (column)

29 January 1938: Soviet Union Notes (column)

February 1938: The Truth about Kronstadt

5 February 1938: Soviet Union Notes (column)

12 March 1938: Soviet Union Notes (column)

19 February 1938: Soviet Union Notes (column)

26 February 1938: Soviet Union Notes (column)

5 March 1938: Last of Lenin’s Colleagues Face Doom

12 March 1938: Soviet Union Notes (column)

19 March 1938: Soviet Union Notes (column)

26 March 1938: Soviet Union Notes (column)

2 Apr. 1938: Soviet Union Notes (column)

9 Apr. 1938: Soviet Union Notes (column)

16 Apr. 1938: Soviet Union Notes (column)

30 Apr. 1938: Soviet Union Notes (column)

7 May 1938: Soviet Union Notes (column)

July 1938: Soviet Economy Lags as Purge Intensified

September 1938: Kulak Danger in Soviet Reappears

October 1938: Millions Hit as Stalin Purge Continues in Soviet Union

October 1938: Soviet Economy in Fresh Crisis; New, Sweeping Purges Threatened

February 1939: New Soviet Decrees Reflect Acute Crisis in Production

September 1939: The Economic Consequence of the Stalin-Hitler Pact in the U.S.S.R.

September 1939: Falsified Statistics – The Death Chart of Stalinism

3 October 1939: The Balance Sheet of Stalinist Bonapartism

10 October 1939: Stalin Orders New Russian Party Purge

17 October 1939: Soviet Economy Cracking Under War Strain

6 April 1940: Russian Mensheviks in Split over Attitude Toward Soviet Union

14 September 1940: Stalin’s New Labor Laws

21 September 1940: Stalin’s New Purge

28 September 1940: The Crisis in Soviet Agriculture

5 October 1940: The New Purge in the Soviet Union

26 October 1940: Soviet Youth in Forefront of Increasing Mass Unrest

30 November 1940: Child Labor in USSR

December 1940: Stalin’s Regime as Mirrored in Emergency Legislation

14 December 1940: Stalin Purges His Playwrights

21 December 1940: Stalin Extends His Compulsory Labor Laws

28 December 1940: Stalin Calls “Party” Conference

January 1941: The Crisis in the Soviet Union

January 1941: Duranty Hints Stalin’s Move

4 January 1941: How Stalin Celebrated the 23rd Anniversary

11 January 1941: The Kremlin’s Child Labor System

February 1941: The Dean of Canterbury’s Soviet Power (extended book review)

February 1941: New Army Statutes Indicate Stalin’s Agenda for the 18th Conference

February 1941: Stalin’s 18th Party “Conference” Opens

March 1941: Some Amazing Figures Expose Stalin’s Rule

March 1941: Stalin Resorts to Inflation

March 1941: Stalin’s New List of Scapegoats

May 1941: The Enigma of Soviet Production

May 1941: The Soviet “War Potential”

May 1941: Stalin’s Move Reflects Crisis in Soviet Union

June 1941: Jan Valtin – Out of the Fight (extended book review)

July 1941: Class Relations in the Soviet Union

July 1941: Where Hitler Has Miscalculated in Invading USSR

August 1941: How Leon Trotsky Organized the Red Army

August 1941: The Soviet Union at War

August 1941: Why We Oppose Stalin’s Foreign Policy

September 1941: Anglo-Soviet Trade Union Committee Aids British Imperialists

September 1941: Hitler’s Program for the Soviet Collectives

September 1941: Stalin Moves Against the ‘Volga Germans’

October 1941: Stalin Forbids Soviet Masses to Discuss War Developments

October 1941: Trotsky and the Red Army

November 1941: How Stalin Cleared Road for Hitler

November 1941: Stalin’s Decrees Bare Rift with Red Officers

December 1941: C.P. Distorts What Lenin Said on Junius Pamphlet

December 1941: Stalin’s Pre-War Purge

December 1941: USSR Faces War on Two Fronts

December 1941: USSR Scores First Major Victory in Rostov Battle

January 1942: How Lenin’s Death Was Commemorated in Moscow

January 1942: Red Army Wins Victories with Armed Workers’ Aid

January 1942: The USSR in War

January 1942: Why USSR Gets So Few Prisoners

January 1942: Youth Play Increasing Role in USSR Defense

February 1942: How Much Longer Can Capitalism Stand War Strain?

February 1942: How Stalin Greeted Red Army’s 24th Anniversary

February 1942: Nazi Destruction of Soviet Economy

March 1942: Agrarian Revolution Is Key to Struggle in India

March 1942: Indian Masses Must Call for Constituent Assembly

March 1942: The Role of Democratic Demands in India Today

March 1942: British Bayonets Uphold Rule of Native Princes

March 1942: Stalinists Have Revived Plea For ‘Second Front’

April 1942: Masses Alone Will Win Independence for India

April 1942: The Special Features of India’s Agrarian Problem

April 1942: he Special Features of India’s Agrarian Problem

April 1942: Why We Defend China

August 1942: What the Soviet Press Reveals

November 1942: Twenty-five Years of the Revolution

January 1943: Lenin on the Problem of Nationalities

March 1943: A New Marxist Classic (book review)

April 1943: The Civil War in Yugoslavia

October 1943: Soviet Life in Wartime

October 1943: “What to Do with Italy?” (extended book review)

January 1944: How the Counter-Revolution Triumphed in Italy, 1920–1922

February 1944: Leon Sedov

March 1945: “Escape” of Fascist General Rocks Bonomi Regime in Italy

March 1945: Nazi Officials Retained in Conquered Territory

March 1945: Plan to Pillage Germany Means Ruin for Europe

July 1945: The Rising German Revolution – Its Enemies, Betrayers and Vilifiers

August 1945: “The United Nations” – A New Thieves’ Kitchen (written as Joseph Vanzler)

January 1946: J.G. Wright Tells Inspiring Growth of SWP Observed During Tour

April 1946: Wall Street Uses UNO in Preparing New War

May 1946: Trotsky’s Biography of Stalin – The Meaning of the Attacks Upon It

June 1946: Capitalists Lie About Peacetime Possibilities of Atomic Energy

June 1946: How Reaction Facilitated Stalin’s Rise To Power

June 1946: The Scientists and Atomic Energy

June 1946: Trotsky’s New Book Reveals Stalin as a Traitor to Bolshevism

July 1946: A Biography of Stalin (book review)

July 1946: Antoinette Konikow – A Trotskyist to the End

August 1946: Trotsky’s Struggle for the Fourth International

May 1947: Stalin’s New “Three-Year” Plan for Agriculture

June 1947: Has the Depression Already Begun?

January 1948: Factors That Undermine Boom in U.S.

January 1948: Will the Economic Boom Last?

February 1948: Crisis in American Agriculture Begins

February 1948: The Effects of the Commodity Price Slump

February 1948: Easter Sales Trends and the New Steel Price Hike

March 1948: A Professor Surveys U.S. Economy

March 1948: Truman Rejects Stalin’s Bid for New Conference

April 1948: Capitalism in Europe Faces Greater Inflation

April 1948: Effects of War Preparations on Economic Conditions in U.S.

May 1948: Churchill’s Moscow Trials Claim Proves Him a Common Slanderer

May 1948: Consequences of a New World War

May 1948: Marshall, Churchill Declarations Promote Strategy of Western Bloc

May 1948: The Marshall Plan – U.S. Imperialism on the March

May 1948: Stalin Repeats His Bid for ‘Peace’ Deal with Washington

June 1948: Inter-Imperialist Rows Disclose World Crisis

June 1948: The Kremlin’s Newest Revelation – Marx’s Doctrine Found ‘Outmoded’

June 1948: Slanderous “Biography”; About Lenin Issued by Social Democratic Author

July 1948: Public Break with Tito Highlights Kremlin Crisis

July 1948: New Developments in Tito-Kremlin Break

November 1948: National Retail Sales Decline Worries Wall St. Economists

December 1948: Continued Sag in Sales Alarms Business Men

January 1949: Economic Balance Sheet of 1948

January 1949: Lenin’s Record Speaks Against His Slanderers

January 1949: A Lesson in Democracy

January 1949: Does ‘World Fair Deal’ Differ from ‘Old’ Imperialism

February 1949: Monopolists Try to Hide Need for Wage Raises

March 1949: Wolfe Changes Masters (book review)

March 1949: Hard Economic Reality Makes Pollyanna Forecasts Absurd

June 1949: “Welfare State” and Depression (extended book review)

August 1949: Economic Roots of US Imperialism – The Reigning Oligarchy

December 1949: Money Utopias of the “Welfare State”

1953: Inflation and the Arms Program

January 1954: The Soviet Union Under Malenkov

Summer 1954: Socialism in Yugoslavia? The Djilas Case and the Tito Regime (written as Joseph Vanzler)

Summer 1954: The Farm Crisis in the Soviet Union

Spring 1955: Behind the Fall of Malenkov: Bureaucrats in Crisis (written with M. Stein)

Spring 1955: Feuerbach – Philosopher of Materialism

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