The Triangle Fire 1911

The Triangle

By J.W.S

Source: The Call (New York) March 31, 1911;
Transcribed: by Mitch Abidor.

There’s a Triangle born of the stars and the light!
“Truth, goodness and beauty” shine forth from its sides!
Till the earth, Sun, and Planets are blotted from sight,
Each one in its splendor, immortal abides!

There’s another more foul than the purlieus of Hell!
“Pride, avarice, Profit,” are burnt on its bars!
Tears, agony, murder — the deeds that they spell!
Death, Poverty, Famine — their infamous scars!

Oh, who in this choice can one instant delay?
As he watches those victims, in holocaust, fall!
Up! Brothers, for Freedom! and strike while ye may!
Humanity’s dying! O, hark to her Call!

Down! Down with the demons who gloat o'er that fire!
Arm! Arm! O ye heroes of workshop and mine!
Your votes are your strength — ye shall have your desire!
Tear down that base emblem! Nail high that divine!