MIA: History: USA: The Triangle Fire of 1911

The Triangle Fire of 1911, New York
and the Labor Response

detail from 1938 Mural by Ernest Fiene for Garment Workers Union

Introduction, by Mitch Abidor

Source: The Call (New York) March-April 1911;
Transcribed: by Mitch Abidor;
Public Domain: these texts are free of copyright.

Murder and Nothing Else but Murder, March 27
Who Is Responsible?, March 28
Fireproof Buildings, March 29
Demonstrate!, March 30
Great Throng of Workers Pack Memorial Meeting, March 30
The Triangle, March 31
Be Ready Wednesday!, April 3
Joint Labor Conference of the Triangle Fire Disaster, April 4
March On!, April 5
The March, April 6
Mightiest Demonstration of Labor Ever Seen Shakes N.Y. Streets, April 6