J. B. Baillie 1901

The Origin and Significance of Hegel’s Logic:
A General Introduction to Hegel’s System

First published: Macmillan, New York and London, 1901.


Chapter I: Introduction
Chapter II: First Stage – From 1797 to 1800 – Hegel’s Early Logic
Chapter III: Second Stage – From 1801 to 1807
Chapter IV: Hegel and his Contemporaries
Chapter V: Transition – Origin of The “Phenomenology of Mind” and of the “Logic”
Chapter VI: Third Stage – From 1807 to 1812-16 – The Phenomenology of Mind
Chapter VII: The “Phenomenology” (continued) – Phenomenology and Logic
Chapter VIII: Origin and Nature of the Content of the Logic
Chapter IX: Origin and Nature of the Method of the Logic
Chapter X: Relation of Logic to Nature
Chapter XI: Retrospective – The Historical Setting of Hegel’s Logic
Chapter XII: Criticism