Hegel-by-HyperText: Chronology

Chronology of Hegel’s Life

STUTTGART (1770-1788)

1770 August 27 Hegel is born, in Stuttgart, a stronghold of Protestantism in a predominantly Catholic part of Germany
Parents Württemberg civil servant, Georg Ludwig Hegel and the very cultured Maria Magdalena Louisa Hegel (née Fromm)
1773 AprilHis sister, Christiane, is born (dies 1832). Hegel goes to the deutsche Schule.
1776Probable entrance into Untergymnasium
1777Enters Stuttgart Gymnasium and pursues classical studies
1776 MayBirth of brother Georg Ludwig (dies 1812)
1780Hegel takes the Landexamen for the first time
1781Kant publishes first edition of The Critique of Pure Reason
1783 Sept. 20Hegel’s mother dies of “Gallenfieber”; Hegel also is seriously ill with it
1784 autumnHegel is a student at the Obergymnasium
1786Centennial celebration of the Stuttgarter Gymnasium
Writes “On Certain Differences between Ancient and Modern Poets”
1787Herder publishes “God, some conversations,” in defence of neo-Spinozism
1788 SeptemberHegel graduates from the Gymnasium; he gives the Abiturrede
Events in France 1788-1804

TUBINGEN (1788-1793)

1788 OctoberReception in the Stift at the same time as Hölderlin
Hegel begins his study with the philosophical faculty
1789 JulyStorming of the Bastille in Paris
1790 SeptemberMagister-Exam
 Registration in the theological faculty
 He shares a room in the Stift with Hölderlin and later Schelling
1792Fichte publishes An Attempt at a Critique of All Revelation
1793Kant publishes first edition of Religion within the Limits of Reason Alone
 Hegel writes Tübingen essay, on “Folk Religion”
1793 JuneTheological disputation
1793 July-Hegel is on leave from the Seminary and stays in Stuttgart
1793 Sept. 19Konsistorialexam

BERNE (1793-1796)

1793 OctoberBegins his activity as house tutor with K. F. son Steiger
1794Fichte publishes the Wissenschaftslehre
1794 JuneRobespierre launches new Religion of the “Supreme Being”
1794 JulyRobespierre executed
1795 MayTrip to Geneva. Writes “Life of Jesus”
 The Positivity of the Christian Religion,” completed 1796
1795Schelling publishes On the Ego
1796 JulyHike through the Bernese Alps
1796 DecemberReturn from Berne to Frankfurt

FRANKFURT (1797-1800)

1797 JanuaryHegel begins the Hofmeister position that Hölderlin found for him with the wine merchant Gogel
1797Schelling publishes Ideas for a Philosophy of Nature and Hölderlin publishes Hyperion
1798Hegel publishes his translation of and commentary on Jean-Jacques Cart’s pamphlet defending the freedoms of the Vaud against the Bernese aristocracy
1798Fichte is charged with Atheism
1798Hegel begins writing “The German Constitution” completed 1802
Writes “The Spirit of Christianity and its Fate” and notes on economic history completed in 1799
1799 JanuaryDeath of Hegel’s father in Stuttgart; father leaves him a small inheritance, allowing Hegel to consider an university career
1799 MarchHegel makes the trip back to Stuttgart
1799Fichte forced to leave Jena
1799 NovemberNapoleon Bonaparte appointed First Consul of France
1800 SeptemberHegel makes a trip to Mainz, which since 1798 has belonged to the French Republic

JENA (1801-1806)

1801 JanuaryHegel moves to Jena
1801 SeptemberFirst philosophical book published, “The Difference Between Fichte’s and Schelling’s Systems of Philosophy”.
1801 August 27Hegel submits his Habilitation in Latin on the orbits of the planets
and becomes an unpaid Privatdozent.
1802Lectures for the first time on Natural Law
1802Hegel completes The German Constitution, advocating the unity of Germany in a State under an Emperor
Events in France 1802-1838
1803Herder dies
1802/1803Together with Schelling he edits the Critical Journal of Philosophy, including “Faith and Knowledge” and “On the Scientific Treatment of Natural Law”
1802/1803Writes “System of Ethical Life” a.k.a. Realphilosophie I
1803/1804Writes “The First Philosophy of Spirit” a.k.a. Realphilosophie II
1804Kant dies
1804 DecemberNapoleon consecrated as Emperor
1805Appointed to a position as an unpaid “extraordinary professor”
1805/1806Jena Lectures on the “Philosophy of the Human Spirit
1806 OctoberCompletes the Phenomenology of Spirit
 Napoleon defeats Prussians at the Battle of Jena
1807 FebruaryBirth of his illegitimate son, Ludwig Fischer (dies 1831 in Jakarta)

BAMBERG (1807-1808)

1807 MarchMoves to Bamberg to be editor of the Bamberger Zeitung
1807 AprilPublication of the “Phenomenology of Spirit
1808Writes “Who Thinks Abstractly?

NUREMBERG (1809-1816)

1808 NovemberRector of the Gymnasium in Nuremberg until 1815
1811 SeptemberMarries Marie von Tucher
1812First volume of the “Science of Logic” published
1812 OctoberNapoleon defeated and begins retreat from Moscow
1813Named to Lokalschulrat
 Second volume of “Science of Logic” published
 Birth of son Karl (dies 1901)
1814Fichte dies
1814Birth of son Immanuel (dies 1891)
1815 JuneNapoleon defeated at Waterloo, Congress of Vienna redraws map of Europe
1816Third volume of “Science of Logic” published

HEIDELBERG (1816-1818)

1816University Professor in Heidelberg
1817Publication of the “Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences
 Coeditor of the Heidelberger Jahrbücher
 Hegel publishes in the Heidelberger Jahrbücher, “Proceedings of the Estates Assembly in the Kingdom of Württemberg 1815-1816” and articles on Jacobi. First Lectures on Aesthetics

BERLIN (1818-1831)

1818 October 5Moves to Berlin
1818 October 22Inaugural lecture
1818 Nov. 28Hegel becomes a member of the Gesetzlose Gesellschaft
1818 June 17Hegel turns over guardianship of his sister, Christiane, to his cousin
1818 July 27Hegel writes to the authorities about Asversus
1820 OctoberPublication of “Philosophy of Right
 Hegel travels in the fall to Dresden
1821Hegel travels again in the fall to Dresden
 Hegel becomes dean of the philosophical faculty for a one-year term
 First Lectures on Philosophy of Religion
1822Hegel writes the preface to Hinrichs’s book on the philosophy of religion Hallesche A. L. Zeitung publishes an attack on Hegel, and Hegel fails in his attempt to get the government to intercede for him
 First Lectures on Philosophy of History
 First Lectures on History of Philosophy
OctoberTrip to the Netherlands
 Hegel writes a memorandum on the teaching of philosophy and other subjects in the Gymnasium
1823Hegel redeems the bond he put up for Asversus
1824 Sept/OctoberTrips to Prague and Vienna
1824 Sep 21-Oct 5Hegel’s stay in Vienna
1824 Nov. 4Hegel writes the Prussian police on behalf of Victor Cousin
1826Hegel writes “On a Complaint on Account of a Public Slander of the Catholic Religion”
 Hegel writes “Über die Bekehrten” (“On the Converted”) for the Berliner Schnellpost
1826 July 23Founding of the Jahrbücher für wissenschaftliche Kritik Ludwig Fisher Hegel leaves the family (probable date)
1827Publication begins of the Jahrbücher für wissenschaftliche Kritik
 New edition of the Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences
1827 Aug.-Oct.Trip to Paris
 Returning through Brussells, Hegel visits van Ghert, discusses Ludwig Fisher
1827Hegel stops off in Weimar, visits with Goethe
 Hegel publishes “On the Episode of the Mahabharata Known as the Bhagavad-Gita by Wilhelm von Humboldt” in the Jahrbücher für Wissenschaftliche Kritik
1828“Hamann’s Writings” in the Jahrbücher für wissenschaftliche Kritik Review of Solger in the Jahrbücher für wissenschaftliche Kritik
1829 SeptemberTrip to Prague; visit to the spa in Karlsbad where he accidentally meets Schelling; on the return trip, he visits Goethe
1829Hegel is elected rector of the university
1830 July“Three Glorious Days” Riots in Paris
1830Revises the Logic for a second edition
 Hegel publishes his review of Goeschel’s “Aphorisms on Ignorance and Absolute Knowing” in the Jahrbücher für wissenschaftliche Kritik
 Hegel publishes his review of “On the Hegelian Doctrine or Absolute Knowing and Modern Pantheism – On Philosophy in General and Hegel’s Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences in Particular” in the Jahrbücher für wissenschaftliche Kritik
1830Third edition of the Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences
1830 March 6Lunch with the royal family during which there is a remembrance of Hölderlin
1830 June 25Latin speech on the three hundredth anniversary of the Augsburg Confession
1831New reworking of Science of Logic, Volume I (appears 1832)
 Hegel publishes his review of “Ideal-realism” in the Jahrbücher für wissenschaftliche Kritik
 Begins preparation for reprint of The Phenomenology of Spirit unchanged
 On the English Reform Bill
1831 Nov. 14Hegel dies in Berlin. In midst of cholera epidemic, but not of cholera


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