Cyril Smith

Articles on Marx & Socialised Humanity

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Debate with Simon Pirani
April 1996, following the publication of Marx at the Millennium

Friedrich Engels and Marx’s critique of political economy
from: Capital & Class, Summer 1997

Freedom, Subjectivity and Lenin’s Philosophy
with Don Cuckson

Mészáros On Lenin
contribution to International Socialist Forum Seminar on Beyond Capital, 28 June, 1998

Hegel & Capital
from: History, Economic History & the Future of Marxism, Essays in memory of Tom Kemp

Marx’s Critique of Political Philosophy
A draft Introduction to some work in progress

Marx's Critique of Hegel
Talk for Hegel seminar, Melbourne 18th June 1999

Historical Materialism
Submitted to the journal Historical Materialism but never published.

The Communist Manifesto After 150 Years
Talk given in Paris on occasion of 150th Anniversary of Communist Manifesto

Marx & History of Philosophy
Talk given at the International Socialist Forum on 7 March, 1999

Some Communist Observations on Philosophy
Talk given at the Socialist Scholars' Conference, Manhattan, 1 April, 2000

Goldner’s Marxism
Review of Loren Goldner, Vanguard of Retrogression, 2001

Marx and the Fourfold Vision of William Blake
Enquiry into the thought of the poet William Blake

“At the end of the twentieth century, when we pick up a text like the Manifesto, we already have in our minds what "everybody knows" about it. Before we even glance at its pages, distorting spectacles have been placed on our noses by the tradition known as ‘Marxism’. Even today, Stalinism's obscene misuse of the word "communism" colours everything we read.” On Communist Manifesto

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