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Iraq War Archive

Collection of documents and articles on the U.S.-led attack on Iraq in 2003 followed by occupation of the country.

Antiwar protest


Declarations and resolutions against the war

Antiwar, Anti-Patriot Act Resolution, adopted by the Washington State Labor Council, August 2002

No New War Against Iraq — Keep the Government off the Docks!, resolution adopted by the San Francisco Labor Council, August 2002

“Not in our name!” We Won’t Deny Our Consciences, statement by Prominent Americans, 2002

Resolution Against the War, adopted by Chicago Teamster Local Union 705, October 2002

Defend Iraq Against U.S. and Allied Imperialist Attack!, statement of the International Communist League, October 2002

The Cairo Declaration: Against US hegemony and war on Iraq and in solidarity with Palestine, December 2002

Defend Iraq Against U.S./British Attack!, statement of the Political Bureau of the Spartacist League/U.S, October 2002

Declaration on the Coming War Against Iraq, adopted by the 3rd Conference of the Communist Organization for the Fourth International, March 2003



Antiwar march

Chris Harman
Panic over Iraq hits the White House, November 2003
The wounded beast – the US’s crisis in Iraq, 2007
US troop ‘surge’ to Iraq is last, desperate gamble, 2007

Anne Alexander
Iraq – The rise of the resistance (with Simon Assaf), 2005
The elections and the resistance in Iraq, 2005

Gilbert Achcar
Don’t Let the B2s Get You Down, 2003
The Occupation and the Anti-War Movement. After the Election, 2005
An Interview (on the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq), 2006
The Iraqi Debacle (interview), 2007

Bob Gould
British Labour and the Iraq war, 2002
Turmoil in the Labor Party over the Iraq war, March 2003
Morality, justice and the Iraq war, April 2003
East Timor and bombings in Iraq, August 2003
Iraq under occupation: a debate, August 2003
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Peter Hadden
Bush/Blair seek Peace Process alibi to cover their responsibility for slaughter in Iraq (with Joe Higgins), April 2003
Iraq – Occupation, the Reality of ‘Liberation’ (with Stephen Boyd), April 2003
Stop the Slaughter in the Gulf (with Stephen Boyd), April 2003
Imperialism’s Grim Legacy – The Reality of Occupation (with Stephen Boyd), May 2003
Iraq five years on – Invasion and occupation – An unmitigated disaster, 2008




Socialist Viewpoint (U.S.)
Articles against the war in the issues of:
September 2002
October 2002
November 2002
December 2002
January 2003
February 2003
March 2003
April 2003
May 2003
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Against the Current (Detroit)
Rae Vogeler, Allen Ruff and Mike Wunsch Iraq, The Empire's Next Target, 2002
The Colossus and Destruction, March–April 2003
Occupation and the Empire, May–June 2003
Malik Miah Black America and the Iraq War, May–June 2003
Sophie Beroud and Patrick Silberstein France, Chirac and Bush's War, July–August 2003
Azmi Bishara Arab Political Activity After Iraq, September–October 2003
The War and the Vote, 2004
Looking at Bush in Babylon — interview with Tariq Ali, 2004
On to September 24th!, 2005
Christopher Phelps Background to Bush’s Debacle: Iraq and the Empire , 2005
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The Internationalist (New York)
For Class War Against the Imperialist War!, 2003
Defeat Colonial Occupation of Iraq!, 2003
Sink U.S. Imperialism in the Quicksands of the Near East!, 2003
Rebellion Against Colonial Rule in Iraq, 2004
Aubeen Lopez Iraqis Resist Colonial Occupation, 2004


International Socialism (U.K.)
Haifa Zangana and Sami Ramadani Resistance and sectarianism in Iraq, 2006
Sami Ramadani Iraq is not a communal war, 2007
Simon Assaf The Iraq surge: glossing over the long defeat, 2008


U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

International Viewpoint (Montreuil, France/Manchester, England)
US occupation turns sour, 2003
Gilbert Achcar Iraq: Occupation and resistance, 2003
Gilbert Achcar The Case for Immediate Withdrawal, 2006


Proletarian Revolution/Socialist Voice (New York)
Stop U.S. Imperialist War on Iraq!, 2002
Behind Imperialist War Moves, 2003
U.S. Takeover of Iraq Threatens World, 2003

Why We Say “Defend Iraq, Defeat U.S. Imperialism!"
Sy Landy The Capitalist Fear of War and Revolution

U.S. Out of Iraq!, 2003
U.S. Out Now! Iraq Occupation in Disarray, 2003
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Socialist Voice (Canada)
Roger Annis and John Riddell Is Iraq the New Vietnam?, 2004
Fred Feldman With the People of Iraq — Win, Lose or Draw, 2004
Roger Annis and John Riddell U.S. Army Retreats from Fallujah, 2004
Roj Shuhe Iraqi Kurds’ Suspicion of U.S. Grows, 2004
Ernesto Gómez Abascal Iraq and the Transition to Sovereignty: The Lies Continue, 2004
Fred Feldman U.S.-ordered Iraq Vote Aims to Deepen Divisions, Spur Civil War, 2005
Roger Annis Iraqi Unionists Speak Out as Failure of Occupation Deepens, 2005
Doug Lorimer Washington’s Iraq Occupation Kills 655,000, 2006


Spartacist (Canada)
For Class Struggle Against Imperialist War!, 2002-2003
Down with U.S. and Canadian Imperialism! Defend Iraq!, 2003
Down with Colonial Occupation of Iraq!, 2003


Workers Hammer (London)
Down with the colonial occupation of Iraq!, 2003
All US/British troops out of Iraq now!, 2003
All US/British troops out of Iraq now! UN stay out!, 2004


iraqi family flees

Workers Vanguard (New York)
Fight U.S. Imperialism Through Class Struggle at Home!, 2003
Down with U.S. Imperialism! Defend Iraq!, 2003
Countdown to Desert Slaughter, 2003
All U.S. Troops Out of the Near East Now!, 2003
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Peking Review (Beijing)
U.S. Begins War Against Iraq, 2003


Communist (Progressive Labor Party)
U.S. ‘Victory’ in Iraq Intensifies Instability, War Worldwide, 2003



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