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Party Builder Archive for the Workers Party
1946 – 1948

NOTE: page numbers to the right of each issue date and before each sub-section refer to the absolute number given to each page in the Workers Party/ISL Mimeographia from where these documents were digitized from

A PDF of these contents is available here

v1n1 July 24, 1946... B1

B2 Introduction
B3 Program of Action
B22 Report on Perspectives and Plans for the National Education Department
B26 Is the Weariness Worthwhile (Abe Victor)
B29 Detroit Plans for Distribution of 8-Page Labor Action (M. Evans)
B30-36 The Facts of Party Life (Shachtman, McKinney, Gould)

v1n2 August 24, 1946... 1

2 Los Angeles Plans a Pre-Elcction Campaign (Hal Draper)
7 Political-Agitational Leaflets Quickly and Cheaply (Paul Picquet)
9 On Party Democracy (Bud Haynes)
11 On Organizing Our Financial Relations with Sympathizers (Paul Picquet)
13 The Reading Branch (Nathan Gould)
13 Report on the Reading Branch (Vincent Pettinato)
17 On Veterans Work (R. Sherman)
18 Reports on Veterans Work
19 Detroit (Oscar)
20 San Francisco (Peter Marlow)

v1n3 October 24, 1946... 22

23 The Builder Needs More Copy (Editor)
24 On the State of the Party (Ernest Erber)
26 How to Influence Contacts and Win Members (Sylvia Booth)
27 Contributions of New Members (F. Harper)
30 We Need a Party Emblem (Hal Draper)
35 Report on the San Francisco Branch (Larry O'Connor)
40 South Philadelphia Consumers and Tenants League (E. Fox)

v1n4 November 24, 1946... 43

44 We Must Expect To Lose Recruits (Stanley Grey)
55 Seattle Branch Activity in Consumers Price Control Committee (Jesse Simons)
60 Report on the New York Election Campaign (Abe Victor)
63 Why Our Campaigns Fail (Leon Shields)

v1n5 December 10, 1946... 66

67 Notes (Editor)
68 Report on the State of the Party (Nathan Gould)
97 International Report (E. Garrett)

November 1946 Plenum: Supplementary Material ... 104 [Issued as separate bulletin, supplementary to "Report on the State of the Party" in 1:5]

105 Newark (Saul Berg)
110 Reading, Pa. (Vincent Pettinato)
115 St. Louis (Fraternal) (H. D. Coleman)
116 Hibbing Fraternal) ( John Edwards)
118 Louisville (R. Harris)
120 Bag Area (San Francisco) (Milton Miller)
124 Los Angeles (Hal Draper)
127 Seattle (Jesse Simons)
132 Chicago (R. Ferguson)
137 Detroit (Ben Hall)
141 Buffalo (Herbert Ferris)
145 Akron (George Whitney)
148 San Pedro (Jack Brent)
151 Cleveland (H. Paxon)
153 Philadelphia (James M. Fenwick)
159 Report on Education (Ernest Erber)

v1n6 December 24, 1946... 162

163Program of Action (National Committee)
172 Report on Our Party Press (Henry Judd)
176 Industrialization and Colonization (Sid Roberts)
181 "This Supernatural Soliciting": A Reply to Comrade Sid Roberts (Nathan Gould)

v2n1 February 24, 1947 ... 190

191 Tactics in the New York Rent Control Campaign (Irving Swanson)
195 On Union-Veteran Work (Jason Wilson)
198 Leave It to the Women! (Louise Goldman)
200 The Bay Area Branch and the Oakland General Strike (Bob Orozco)
202 Report on San Francisco Bay Area Branch for Jan, 1947 and Prospects for Feb, 1947 (Larry O'Connor)
208 Complete Exchange of Correspondence between Dave Jeffries-Felix Morrow and Workers Party 211 Letter on the Los Angeles Election Campaign (Hal Draper)
214 Reports to Detroit Branch Conference (Ben Hall, J. Wilson)

v2n2 May 20, 1947 ... 227

228 The Los Angeles Election Campaign (Hal Draper)
243 Report of Sab Drive - Detroit Branch, March 1-April 4 (Bill Miller)
247 From the Literature Mail-Bag

v2n3 September 8, 1947 .. 250

251 Note (Editor)... ... 251
254 A Fund-Raising Stunt for Branch Socials (Gerald McDermott)
255 Tenants Work in Detroit (Miriam Evans)
259 The Problems of the New York Organization (Irving Swanson)
267 Philadelphia Election Campaign (Jack Brad)
270 Towards a Viable Youth Group (Peter Marlow)
272 Towards a National Youth Cadre (j. Falk)
275 Youth Activity in Newark (Barry Milton s Dick Drake)

v2n4 October 21, 1947 ... 278

279 Program of Action for the Party (Political Committee)
285 Report on the Program of Action, Dec. 1, 1947-June 1, 1948 300 Report to New York Membership Meeting of SWP on SUP PLenum Held in August 1947 On "Statement on Unity with the Socialist Workers Party: 304 In Support of the PC Statement on Unity (Paxon)
306 For Keeping the Joint Agreement, Against the Trend of the PC Statement on Unity (Hauser, Hauser, Campbell, Parker, Decker)

v2n5 December 3, 1947 ... 309 (Active Workers Conference Supplement)

Reports on Branches: 310 Detroit (Herman Benson)
312 San Francisco (Larry O'Connor)
324 Reading (Vincent Pettinato)
328 Seattle (B. Donaldson)
332 Akron (George Whitney)
339 Newark (Saul Berg)
344 Manhattan Branch (New York) (M. Bell)
347 West Virginia (James M. Fenwick)
355 Buffalo (Herbert Ferris)
365 Chicago (R. Ferguson)
367 Analysis of the Detroit Election Campaign (Herman Benson)
373 Tenants Work (A. Slater & S. Morris)
376 Addenda to the Program of Action (National Committee s Active Workers Conference)

v3n1 January 24, 1948 ... 380

381 We Arc One of the Historic Forces (Susan Green)
384 For a National Exchange of Ideas for Party Socials (George Leo Gordon)
385 Dollar Democracy PAC Style (George Leo Gordon)
386 Statement of Resignation (Baker, Collins, Leonard, Marco)
388 Tri-Branch Conference (Frank Harper)
390 Start Your Own "Marxist Book Club" (Gerald McDermott)
391 Discussion of Party Life (Jesse Simons)
396 Let Our Voice Be Heard (Paul Bern)

v3n2 August 27, 1948 ... 399

400 Editor's Note 401 Report of the New York City Committee 407 Labor Report Submitted for New York City Convention Held April 1948 412 Report on Tenants Work in Detroit (Miriam Evans)
415 "Culture" on the Installment Plan (John Barnes)
417 The Fight Against Jim Crow in a UAW Shop (Sid Roberts)
420 On Party Publicity in the Daily Press (Gerald McDermott)
422 Buffalo Branch Social/Political Program (Buffalo Branch)